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About the course

This master's qualification is inspired and driven by industry, but with a strong theoretical underpinning. Concept relevance and knowledge that is critical in this fast moving work environment has driven the course design process. Upon completion of this program you will gain:

  • Skills and knowledge in the latest developing technologies in instrumentation, process control and industrial automation
  • Practical guidance from industrial automation experts from around the world
  • A valuable and accredited Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation)** degree
  • Global networking contacts in academia and industry
  • Improved career options


There is a global shortage of automation, instrumentation and control engineers due mainly to restructuring and rapid growth of new industries and

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Entry Requirements

a) a recognized 3-year bachelor degree* in an engineering qualification in a congruent** field of practice.

b) an EIT Bachelor of Science (Engineering) degree* in a congruent** field of practice.

c) a 4-year Bachelor of Engineering qualification (or equivalent), that is recognized under the Washington Accord or Engineers Australia, in a congruent**, or a different field of practice at the discretion of the Admissions Committee.

d) a 4-year Bachelor of Engineering qualification (or equivalent)* that is not recognized under the Washington Accord, in a congruent** field of practice to this program.

 Course Content

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Student Profile(s)

Eóin McCartney

Experience at EIT was great, I learned a lot, improved existing technical skills et and developed new skills to advance my career. The remote learning enabled me to focus my work into my busy work schedule. I would definitely recommend EIT to friends and colleagues looking to take the next step in their career.

Ian Doolun

My experience at EIT was rich in knowledge and it definitely enhanced my skills in engineering overall.

Edidiong Wilson

My experience at EIT has been the best when it comes to online learning. I got value for my money. The staff were very professional in executing their jobs. I want to use this opportunity to thank every member of EIT who made my study here a success. Thank you so much and keep up the great job.

Obiezu Amaobi

It was an extremely wonderful learning experience in EIT. The quality of material and the depth of experience of instructors was quite impressive. Course was tailored to meet current industrial needs. I am totally satisfied with the course.

Onoriode Akporherhe

EIT has provided me with the best education experience so far that I would like to consider enrolling for a Doctorate program whenever it commences.

Abimbola Ogunlade

It has been interesting and rewarding studying at EIT. The teaching and learning methodology are modern and simply out of this world. When I completed an advanced Diploma in industrial Automation at EIT several years ago, I knew I would be back for more academic pursuits. Now, having completed a master's Degree program in the same field, I cannot wait any longer to commence a PhD study in the same field at EIT.

Givemore Mhene

Studying at EIT was an experience which has left me a better person. Now I can confidently explore the technology in my field of work and also can work in a planned way unlike before. This course has given me the ability to analyse and understand situations which previously I would have not been able to figure out. I can say I came out of EIT a changed person and a better manager.


Back in 2008, when EIT was expanding from a company providing courses for professional development into a fully-fledged college of engineering, Richard was not only an enormous support, but his involvement contributed to the success we enjoyed. He was hearty in his encouragement of our efforts and he shared his expertise generously. In his honour we have created a Richard Morley Prize for Engineering Excellence. Richard E. Morley will be remembered as the Father of the Programmable Logic Controller, certainly. But for us, at the Engineering Institute of Technology, he will be that someone splendid who helped us forge a brave and determined path towards creating a college of excellence in engineering education.

Value of Scholarship(s)

20% discount on your overall tuition fees


- Must be a commencing student studying the Bachelor of Science (Industrial Automation Engineering) or Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation) course with EIT.
- Must meet or exceed the English Language Proficiency Requirement for the specific course of study.
- Must meet all other entry requirements for the course + at least a minimum average result of 70% in all Mathematics units (based on the highest level of education completed).
- Must be a full fee-paying student, without existing scholarships.

Application Procedure

Please complete and submit EIT's Scholarship Application form along with your course application.
Cut-off date for scholarship applications is 1 month prior to the start date of the course.

Further Information

This scholarship rewards EIT future students who have shown academic excellence in their previous study.

Value of Scholarship(s)

A 10% reduction on your total course tuition fees


- Must meet or exceed the English Language Proficiency requirement.
- Must meet all entry requirements for the course + at least an overall average of 65% (or equivalent result) in a congruent Bachelor Degree [for entry to EIT Master Degrees].
- Must meet all other entry requirements for the course + at least an overall average of 65% in grade 12 (or highest level award in equivalent pathway), + 65% result in all Maths units [for entry to EIT Bachelor Degrees].
- No more than 5 backlogs.
- Must be full fee-paying, without existing scholarships.

Application Procedure

Please complete and submit EIT's Scholarship Application form along with your course application.

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