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Master in Psychology, specialisation in Cognitive Neuroscience

Maastricht University    Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience

Full time September MSc, Other 1 year full time

About the course

How does our brain separate the sound of a Ferrari from the background noise of other car engines, or the face of a friend from other faces in a crowd? How do different parts of the brain interact when we perform everyday activities like riding a bicycle, typing a summary and drinking a cup of coffee? And how are fMRI signals related to neural activity? If these questions intrigue you, the Cognitive Neuroscience specialisation of the master's in Psychology might be a good fit for you. You’ll gain in-depth knowledge of human brain function and cognition, and you'll get practical training in the application of non-invasive brain imaging techniques such as EEG and fMRI. Upon graduation, you'll be an expert in cognitive psychology as well as in neuroscientific methods, leaving you well-equipped for a career in applied and clinical research at universities, research institutes, educational institutes or commercial research organisations.

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Entry Requirements

Bachelor Psychology from Maastricht University

Dutch University Bachelor Psychology

Non-Dutch University Bachelor Psychology

All other University Bachelors

University of Applied Science (HBO), Bachelor Psychology + pre-master Psychology


Academic year 2022/23

The statutory fee for this programme is: €2,209
The institutional fee for this programme is: € 15,800
The statutory part time fee for this programme is: not applicable
The institutional part time fee for this programme is: not applicable

 Course Content

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