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Full time September Masters Module, MA, Pre-Masters Five year, full-time programme

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The EMLV Business School provides all the De Vinci students (managers, engineers and designers) with initial training in business based on instruction fostering hybridation, multiculturalism and cross-disciplinary research.

The Léonard de Vinci Business School (EMLV) offers several degrees with specialisations in accounting, digital business, marketing, finance, and human resources. The EMLV programmes were designed to help students reach their highest potential as future leaders.

Master : the EMLV offers a 5-year master programme (diplôme de l'EMLV Bac+5). This flagship programme is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and consists of two successive cycles:

The first cycle (1st to 3rd year) enables students to acquire management fundamentals and to define

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Entry Requirements

Selective entry based on file evaluation
Admission requirements are specific to each year of admission. Please contact us for more information.



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Student Profile(s)

Jennifer Choi

Jennifer Choi is a third year student at Parisian business school EMLV. Born in South Korea, she has lived in various countries but has called Paris home in the last few years. Find out about her experience in the Master Programme.

Supportive teaching methods

Jennifer has had a previous academic experience in a large public university, where individual student support from the professors can rarely be provided. At EMLV, the young South Korean woman particularly appreciates the professor's accessibility.

"I find the classes to be very interactive, creative and personal".

Professors are used to meeting students in their offices and offer support in case a concept or an assignment should require further explanation. Jennifer has the feeling that the members of faculty are genuinely interested in the students' progress and their career objectives.

Sports and student activities

At Pôle Léonard de Vinci's three schools, EMLV, engineering school ESILV and digital school IIM, sport is mandatory. As part of the curriculum, students dedicate each Thursday afternoon to the practice of a sport, at beginner or advanced level. Jennifer chose karate but could have tried herself to athletics, badminton, basketball or fencing to name but a few.

Jennifer was positively impressed at how passionate students are about their schools. The student union and the fourty student associations make for a great atmosphere on campus. They organize activities every week and promote the school spirit.

Proximity to the business world

EMLV is conveniently located in the heart of Paris-La Défense Business district, next to major multinationals. The Corporate Relation Department organizes, among many missions, various events that benefit both students and businesses: forums, job fairs, speakers, etc. The faculty continuously adapts the programmes to ever-changing economic trends in order to ensure that students are taught the latest, most up-to-date information.

"I am taking a lot of classes about globalization, we're learning about marketing strategies of Kodak, of Ikea, which is very intriguing".

EMLV offers cutting-edge courses that cover a variety of fundamental disciplines including finance, sales, accounting, marketing, human resources, and procurement.

Studying abroad in Paris

Of course, Paris plays a major role in Jennifer's positive experience as a Master Programme student at EMLV. Jennifer fou


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