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Master in Management Program

Luxembourg School of Business Masters Programmes

Full time September, January MSc 2 years

About the course

The Master in Management program is a 2-year full time program, consisting of 15 core courses and 11 electives. For students without a background in business or economics, or for those who simply want to update their skills, a ‘business boot camp’ will also be completed. Because of the Master in Management Program’s focus on career readiness, a module on career development and a final internship complement the program, adding to graduates’ competitiveness in the labor market. Career and soft skills workshops are integrated into your two- year journey.

Academia and business world in one faculty 

Our professors are academics and business leaders: some of them are executives from multinational organizations while others are affiliated with institutions such as M.I.T., University of

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Entry Requirements

An undergraduate degree (Bachelor degree or equivalent) from a recognized college or university with a minimum of 180 ECTS in any field of study (engineering, social sciences, sciences, business, economics, arts, etc.)
Fluency in English.


The Master in Management program tuition fee is EUR 9,000 per year. The combined total for the two-year program is EUR 18,000.
For EU citizens, the tuition can be paid in several installments.

Course Content

Where is Luxembourg School of Business


Student Profile(s)

Stephane S.

When I expanded my knowledge about what the Masters in Management program offered by the Luxembourgish Business School, I was intrigued by the versatility and practicability that it offers. I am interested in how the program offers a smooth transition for students to begin their professional careers in Luxembourg by providing a paid internship as part of the degree completion. Working in Luxembourg is important to me; it will permit me to be part of a culturally diverse environment, it provides professional opportunities and it also allows be to be closer to my family and loved ones . Stephane S., Luxembourg

Ines C.

When searching for masters abroad, which was something I always dreamt of doing, I came across the Master in Management and immediately caught my attention. It covers all the bases that I wanted and plus it has a specialization in Financial Management allowing me to maybe work in corporate finance someday. My main goals, career-wise, are to work in corporate finance and/or becoming a statutory auditor. This being said I feel like this master would be the perfect fit for me and my future goals and I would love to take part in this adventure . Ines C. Portugal

Basile D.

As I would like to direct my future career towards corporate finance and international management, having the opportunity to integrate your business school, and more specifically the Master in Management, with the major in financial management, would allow me to further develop my academic knowledge of financial management and to benefit from the renown of LSB in the business community. Basile D., France

Valeriia B.

The Master in Management curriculum offers all the courses that, in my opinion, are necessary for a successful manager. I am convinced that this program meets my needs. Speaking English and Russian, I want to master Business as my third language. With this objective, Business Bootcamp, including statistics and mathematics, at the same time, studying Accounting and Finance will allow a new way to interpret business processes. These items shall be a mere skill set for each manager. Besides, learning means rethinking your management experience, understanding mistakes, and finding new effective tools. The internship will give the necessary experience and a boost to the development of my career. Another indisputable advantage of Luxembourg School of Business is its location. Being the financial and innovative center of Europe, Luxembourg will allow learning French in addition to English. Valeriia B., Russia

Joe S.

The fact that the Luxembourg School of Business has close ties to a number of important players on the job market in Luxembourg and designed its courses with a practice-orientated mindset are without a doubt huge advantages for kickstarting a successful career and some of the aspects that convinced me to apply for this program. Joe S., Luxembourg

Hyerin P.

I need to acquire new skills and concepts, clearly focused on finance, banking and investment and there is no better place than Luxembourg for that, especially in terms of experiences shared by the local community, one of the best in the world.
The program of Master in Management will prepare me well for what I ultimately intend to do in life. I know the Luxembourg School of Business is one of the pioneer Master programs in this field and I hope to be able to delve deeper into financial and economic principles, understanding the basic theories behind the concepts in this field. I believe also this program will give me the chance to put directly in practice every concept the students learned in class and put my skills at a higher level, allowing me to begin successfully my professional career. Hyerin P., Soth Korea


Merit-Based scholarships are available from Luxembourg School of Business

The Luxembourgish governmental institution CEDIES,

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