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Master in Graphic Design - Focus on New Media - IED Florence

Istituto Europeo di Design    Visual Communication

Full time January MA 10 months 31 January 2023

About the course


The Master course in Graphic Design offers a high level of professional preparation which is based on the design method, the mastery of technical and technological skills and the continuous updating about the latest market demands.

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Entry Requirements

The Master is tailored for graduates or professionals in graphic, architecture, design, fine arts and advertising. Participants with a professional (two years minimum) experience in the fields of management, communication, marketing, public relations or visual communications (graphic, product, interior, advertising, photography, web or social) are also welcome.



€ 20.100,00

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Student Profile(s)

Federigo Gabellieri

Former student Master in Graphic Design - IED Florence

I’m currently working as graphic designer and art director in Condè Nast Italy, GQ Magazine. IED Florence basically helped me in order to find a better and more professional way to develope my attitude to that kind of work. Being daily challenged it's part of my work, having right ideas as soon as possible, some of those things have been actually born during the Master. It's not just matter of showing of being talented, it's about learning professionalism and hard-working attitude"

João Pucci

"Three reasons brought me to IED Florence: my old desire to know my family origins; the fact of having won a contest and a scholarship to the master; and the idea of ​​studying and living in a city that was the birthplace of the Renaissance, where art inspires anyone at any moment. What most impressed me in this year of studies was undoubtedly the course's multidisciplinary and the possibility of being in contact with people from different parts of the world, enriching my cultural knowledge and developing me as a human being. IED also helped me to show the italian design reality and to prepare me as a professional, the one that will always use the creativity as the basis for all problems's solutions".

Max Pirsky

I chose to get my Master’s degree in Italy because I figured that a place with such an enormous history and contribution to all aspects of art and design could only do me good. And I was right. Florence is simply a great place to be, especially as a student. You get to really experience the city as a local, rather than just a tourist – it’s a completely different perspective. I met a bunch of absolutely awesome people and I’ve learned a lot. Surely the best year of my life so far! The Master’s course I attended at IED really gave me a push as a professional. While I hadn’t completely realised it back then, I actually constantly refer to a lot of the things I’ve learned when I work. Things that, while studying, seemed unnecessary turned out to be extremely practical in real-world situations.

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