Master in Advanced Public and Cultural Diplomacy for International Relations

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October Other 1 year
Communication & Media Studies (7) Law (22) Politics & Government (30)

About the course


1st LEVEL | Global Issues and International Relations (15 ECTS)

  • Global issues and international relations
  • Democracy and the rule of law
  • Issues in international economics
  • The geopolitics of energy transition

2nd LEVEL - Public and Cultural Diplomacy (28 ECTS)

  • Public diplomacy and global engagement
  • Intercultural communication in public diplomacy
  • Cultural diplomacy: comparative approaches
  • Creating soft power value
  • Nation branding and strategic narratives
  • Cultural diplomacy for reconciliation

3rd LEVEL - Digital and Business Diplomacy (9

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Entry Requirements

Completion of a degree, preferably a Master degree, in the following disciplinary areas: Political Science, International Relations, Public Policy, Social Sciences, International law, Humanities, Visual and performing arts, Arts Management, Foreign Languages, Communication etc.

Work experiences in companies and institutions such as NGOs, Public administration, Non-profit organisations, etc., preferably with an international dimension, will be positively evaluated


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