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Full time September MSc 9 or 12 months full-time

About the course


  • CIM accredited, this programme draws upon our expertise in the areas of marketing strategy, consumer behaviour, communications, marketing research, and branding
  • Gain an understanding of how marketing and buyer behaviour work at the individual and organisational level, and how marketing influences broader society and culture
  • Have the opportunity to develop your research skills and understanding of the theory of marketing, as well as a broad range of practical leadership skills and knowledge for contributing to a global economy.
  • Core modules are augmented by specialist optional modules to enable you to build up a knowledge base to suit your individual interests.


Accredited by: Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

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Entry Requirements

A mid 2:2 degree (55%+) with honours in any discipline from a recognised university. We do consider all applications where there is evidence of exceptional performance in modules relevant to the programme of study, significant relevant work experience or professional qualifications.

Applicants are also required to meet our English language requirements. Please see our website for details.

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Student Profile(s)

Arnnuta Ackrapoenkit

“Comparing the programme at Exeter to others, I found that the MSc at the University of Exeter Business School gave me the flexibility to design my studies to suit my own objectives. The course offers a broad mix of modules in both marketing and business subjects, which gives you a great foundation for establishing yourself as a well-rounded marketing professional.

Now that I’m here and fully immersed in the programme, one of the things I appreciate the most is the practical nature of our modules. We are given many opportunities to apply the concepts and knowledge we learn in practical ways. For example, in Integrated Marketing Communication, we learnt how to create an advertising pitch, which are the kind of skills I am sure to need when I go into a marketing career.

As an international student, a large element of studying abroad is about being able to experience a different culture – and the international mix of students at Exeter makes this is a very interesting and fulfilling place to learn.

There’s a great atmosphere and I learn a lot from both my lecturers and classmates. We motivate one another to get through the hard work with enthusiasm and responsibility – and I know that if I ever need any extra help or have any questions, my lecturers are there for me to talk to.

When I graduate, I would like to work in a leading company or agency, in some aspect of marketing consultancy. The MSc will support me in my professional career, and having this deeper level of knowledge will open up more opportunities for me in the future.

This is a challenging programme, but also a very enjoyable one. There’s a lot of flexibility so you can make the Masters your own, and a lot of support on offer to help you advance in your career.

I think it’s important to strike a good balance between your learning and your social life while you’re a student, even at postgraduate level – that way you can be proud of the work you achieve but also enjoy your experience to the full. There’s so much on offer, so you won’t be short of things to do, or ways to make friends.”

Astrid Galy-Dejean

In today’s competitive job market I wanted to seize the opportunity to improve my English skills and specialize in the area I want to work in later – marketing. The double-degree option offered by my French Business School – Grenoble Ecole de Management – seemed like the perfect opportunity to give myself a competitive edge.

I chose the University of Exeter Business School from several exchange choices offered to me because it is one of the best Business Schools in the UK, and it offered a specific marketing programme that was tailored towards my expectations and interests.

What I’ve really enjoyed so far is the practical side of the programme. In every module I have the opportunity to apply my knowledge and experience to real life exercises, whether it’s defining a communication strategy for a small UK company or evaluating a company’s process.

The campus at Exeter is always lively and I’ve had the opportunity to mix extracurricular activities - like sport and societies – with my studies. The facilities are great – there are plenty of restaurants, markets and bookshops – and I really like the fact that the library is open 24/7. During exam periods or when essays are due it’s convenient to be able to stay late!

Teaching here has been quite different from how it is in France – lectures are really interactive and students are encouraged to get involved with interesting debates, which can really help in developing a critical point of view.

The MSc Marketing is a complete Masters, with the work you would expect to go with it! You may spend hours or days in the library but it’s definitely worth it. I actually have the feeling that I have learned more during this year than during my whole scholarship in France – I think this is because I chose an area I was really interested in, and I’d encourage other students to do the same.

Being a postgraduate student doesn’t mean that you have to forget about your social life – this year has been a great opportunity to meet new people. If I had to summarise it in a few words I’d just say, make sure you work hard and play hard to make the most of the experience!

Niyada Wongprompreeda

"In making my decision to study in the UK I compared the course syllabus at the all the top-ranked universities. The MSc Marketing at Exeter offered all the core modules I needed to specialise in Marketing but enough flexibility to tailor the course to my personal interests. What really appealed to me about the programme was the innovative range of modules aligned to the change in today’s marketing landscape – like Internet Marketing and Creative Organisation.

I worked at a media agency in Thailand for almost three years before pursuing a postgraduate degree, so it was a welcome change to go back to studying. I’m really enjoying the opportunity to apply real practices to theoretical perspective and understand the other side of the story, but most of all I enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and broaden my network.

The students at the Business School all have a strong drive – not only to learn, but also to do well. I believe that when you’re at this stage of studying, being surrounded by the right people is absolutely vital and it encourages you to do well and push your own boundaries.

For me, studying a Masters isn’t just about what you read in a book or about what the lecturers teach you but also about life lessons outside your comfort zone and achieving things you didn’t think you could achieve.

After I finish my studies at the Business School I am planning to pursue a career in Marketing in Thailand and I am sure that graduating from one of the top 10 universities in the UK will aid me enormously in finding a job there.

My advice to other students considering a Master programme would be not to rush into it and to consider gaining real work experience first, as I did. This can help you to decide what you really want to do for your career and puts you in the unique position of being able to share your work experiences with your peers.

Last but not least, I would say you have to make the most of it because lessons here are going to last for a lifetime. There’s no doubt that the work can be hard but once you reach the finish line you’ll be proud of yourself and your spirit will be stronger than ever."

Arsalan Hashmi

“One of the big advantages of my Masters programme has been the opportunity it has given me to work with people from many different nationalities. The different modules and group work assignments have helped us to hone our leadership and team working abilities, by giving us opportunities to work with different people from many different countries.

I love the campus life. The University of Exeter has first-rate facilities for students and is very self-sustainable – everything you need is right here. I have spent a lot of time relaxing and studying in the Forum especially, and I have found it very useful that the library is 24/7 so we can use it whenever we need to.

There’s a certain energy about studying at the Business School, and a lot of that comes from the quality of the teaching staff. The professors go out of their way to get us involved with the lectures and push us to do the best we can – especially our course head Lindsay Stringfellow. She has always been available to talk to, guide and motivate us, and her lectures are something every student looks forward to attending.

The rest of the faculty have done an equally good job with teaching and inspiring us. Overall, my lecturers have taught me that I can look at problems from many different points of view. I have enjoyed the interactive nature of the tutorials, too – we have had a lot of fun debating issues and the practical problems of the industry.

After I finish my dissertation, I plan to go back home to my family business, which is in advertising. I have set a number of goals for myself, but first is to take our business to the next stage. My Masters has helped me develop my personality and also broadened my vision on marketing as a whole – both of those things will be a great help when I transfer those back to our company.

This has been one of the best years of my life, and if I have had the chance, I would definitely do it all over again. Although the workload really pushed us and made us dig deep inside, after all the dust has settled I feel very proud of myself. It was much harder than I had expected, but the bottom line is that I learnt a lot and I had a lot of fun doing it.”

Julia Ho Shan Hui

I have always had a deep interest in Marketing and want to get into this field in the near future. I was impressed with the taught programme available at Exeter. Having had many MSc friends in my final undergraduate year, their shared, positive experiences helped me make an informed decision to carry on in my studies.

Having been at Exeter for nearly four years, I have seen first hand the huge enhancements that have taken place at the Business School. Having a comfortable and effective working environment is very important for me, as I spend most of my hours on campus despite not having contact hours every day. The facilities like the PC clusters, BART submissions and La Touche cafe, definitely meet my expectations, and make me feel like I’m ‘getting my money’s worth’, which is of course important being an international student.

As for the teaching, I must say that a very big part of my learning experience in the MSc can been credited to the lecturers, as their enthusiasm and charisma extends all the way across the students in the course, through their handlings with us personally and their teaching styles as a whole.

Professor Alex Thompson, who taught me Consumption, Markets and Culture, and Market Research and Analysis, is one of the most enthusiastic and professional lecturers I’ve had throughout my higher education experience. Lindsay Stringfellow was always willing to help and she made Marketing Strategy a very doable course despite the challenging aspects of the nature of this field. My dissertation supervisor, Dr Sotiris Lalaounis, has also been incredibly supportive, and put in a huge amount of effort in helping me out with my dissertation.

For me, one of the major advantages of this course is the relatively small number of students doing it. There are around 30 of us, which means we really have the time to forge close relationships with our professors. I have always been very pleased with their quick response and willingness to help whenever it is needed, even if we are not officially studying their particular module at that time.

I feel like I have certainly achieved what I came here for – a prestigious degree, an admirable education and a handful of life experiences that I know would not have been as possible had I stayed in Asia.


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