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About the course

Master's programme in Theology

Providing meaning to fundamental questions and ideas that feature in science, culture and faith.

The contemporary world is characterised by rapid innovations in science and technology. These developments contribute to economic growth and prosperity, but simultaneously require positioning, and specifically people who can provide meaning and direction. Theologians are those people, as they are trained in systematic reflection of fundamental questions and ideas that feature in science, culture and faith. They can contribute to the dialogue between believing and knowing.

Radboud University aims to train such theologians. The central focus in the three-year Master's programme in Theology is on the tension between universal truth claims within belief systems and the

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Entry Requirements

1. A completed Bachelor's degree in Theology or related area
2. A proficiency in English:
a. A TOEFL score of ≥577 (paper based) or ≥90 (internet based)
b. An IELTS score of ≥6.5
c. Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) or Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) with a mark of C or higher
3. A proficiency in Hebrew and Greek


€2,168 (from EEA) and €12,500 (non-EEA countries)

Course Content

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Student Profile(s)

Christos Veskoukis

The very reason why I chose to move to Nijmegen and study at Radboud University was both the length of my programme and the ‘public theology’ approach that our department here embraces. Having three years to study theology is an adequate time-period in which you can ponder and delve into questions that really concern you. At the same time, the ‘public theology’ focus of Radboud saves you, if I may say, from becoming a remote academic living in your own ivory tower.

My first encounter with theology was when I began perceiving life as a walk and as a journey. Each day, people open the front door of their houses, jump into life and they just go… What will happen once they step out of their house, remains unknown until it happens, but still, we, people, keep opening our doors and engage with this unknown every day. But, what is this entity, energy, God, or deity, if any, that determines this very unknown, and, at the end of the day, why is it worthwhile opening my door each day? To answer this question, and to see how other people before me had already answered this question, I started studying theology.

If I had to describe my theological experience in Nijmegen in few words, these would be: passion, colour, hard work, and an extremely friendly atmosphere that takes you by the hand and helps you find what you seek, offering you guidance while respecting your freedom to explore uncharted theological fields and questions.

Anna Gouws

I first became interested in studying Theology whilst doing mission work in Southern Africa. Experiencing that there are many people for whom Bible translations in their own language are not available opened my eyes to the fact that access to biblical texts is not common for everyone. With the aim in mind to become a translator myself, I decided to study theology. Studying theology made it possible for me to learn biblical languages, but it also enabled me to obtain a wider knowledge of Christianity in general.

So far my stay here in Nijmegen has been a positive experience. I enjoy the rich history of the Netherlands and the greenness of the city. I was able to adapt to the university environment quickly, and people are very friendly here.

My classes in Old testament exegesis definitely stand out as the most challenging. I am pushed to higher levels of academic reading and to deepen my research skills, which is great.

In the end, I hope to use the master’s programme in exegesis to gain the skills to become a translator myself. I very much enjoy studying Theology because it fits my academic-minded character. But I hope that in the end, I can use theology for something bigger than myself!

Jon Jacob

If someone had asked me what my plans were for university the year prior to me coming to Radboud, my answer would have been that I was doing a teaching degree at the University of PEI, in Canada. I never would have imagined that I’d be doing a master’s degree in Nijmegen, yet that is what I ended up doing. At the end of the first semester of my last year of my bachelors degree, the prof for my Christian history course sent me an email. This email was an advertisement for the Master of Theology program at Radboud University. When I went to look it over, my thoughts were that I couldn’t go because it was too expensive, or that they wouldn’t let me focus on what I wanted to. Yet I found that the cost for international students was the same as European students, so I was intrigued.

Following that, I spoke with my prof about it, before sending an email to find out more about the program. It turned out that I could indeed study what I wanted, which was Celtic and Anglo-Saxon missionaries in the Church History program. I then proceeded to apply, and was then accepted into the program. Around the same time I was accepted, some things changed and I was unable to do the teaching degree anymore. With that settled, I went about finishing up my bachelor's degree, and came to Radboud to do my master’s.

From the start it has seemed as if God wanted me to take this program, just the way He has made everything work out. From my prof receiving an email that she didn’t know why it was sent to her, to something not working so I wasn’t able to do the teaching degree, to the program being the right cost and being able to offer the exact program I wanted. Everything has fallen into place for me to go. I don’t know what I’m going to do after I graduate, yet, but I know God has a plan, and that He’ll make it known at the right time.


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