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Are you passionate about early childhood education? Our MA Education: Early Childhood programme is designed to help you explore and reflect on the key issues and debates in this field. With a strong focus on learning, pedagogy, and curriculum, this one-year, full-time course offers a broad range of modules to suit your interests. Our expert tutors provide individual support and encourage interactive learning through lectures, seminars, and tutorials. No formal exams, just coursework and a dissertation. To apply, you'll need a minimum 2:1 undergraduate honours degree in a relevant subject, or a 2:2 degree with at least one year of relevant work experience. Join us and make a difference in the world of early childhood education.

About the course

Our MA will encourage you to reflect on your experiences of early childhood education. You’ll explore a broad range of issues and debates on learning, pedagogy and curriculum in early childhood education.

This one-year, full-time course covers a broad range of issues, encourages students to reflect on their experiences of current early childhood education policy and addresses theory and research relevant to their interests.


A selection of modules are available each year - some examples are below. There may be changes before you start your course. From May of the year of entry, formal programme regulations will be available in our Programme Regulations Finder.

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Entry Requirements

Minimum 2:1 undergraduate honours degree in a relevant subject.

We will consider your application if you have a 2:2 degree in a relevant subject and at least one year of relevant work experience.

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Student Profiles

Fatima Rodrigues

My name is Fatima and I am from India, but I have lived and worked in Abu Dhabi in the UAE, where I did my Montessori one-year diploma certificate. I decided to come to Sheffield as I had an interest in children and I wanted to take that next step of doing a Masters.

I was attracted to Sheffield as it offered a specific course with modules focused on early childhood education. I liked the fact that there was a whole module about the dissertation and seeing the reputation of the School of Education for research excellence it felt like this is where it should happen.

This course has exceeded any expectations I had, I came with the expectation to learn about Early Childhood and all the important aspects related to that, but the course has also given me a broad knowledge base in education and I have come across things that I did not know I should have associated with this field. The whole planning and structure of the course was more than I was expecting it to be and it has been fantastic!

The highlights of my study have been that while having learnt a lot of academic based knowledge I have also learned skills that will help me personally in my life. Having a personal tutor throughout the course has been really helpful, because although it is supposed to be a lot of independent study it is useful to have someone who can guide you more specifically. The resources are also excellent, specifically the online library that can be accessed anywhere.

Being in Sheffield has given me new perspectives and understanding of education in the UK and given me the freedom and flexibility to understand perspectives in a different scenario and context. Having done a Diploma in Dubai, after the course I want to go back there with an informed understanding of Early Childhood Education and apply all of these new concepts and practices that I have learned.

During the course I have learned more skills and feel more confident in my life generally. Having a degree from a good university in the UK really does add to your own value, how you see yourself and the good opportunities this offers, so I feel that that does open up a lot of avenues and prospects for me.

Vallery Sumardy

I chose to study MA Early Childhood Education because I am passionate of being a teacher for kindergarten school. I encountered University of Sheffield by purely coincidence when I was searching for the university in the UK. I like the fact that Sheffield has a lot of gardens and I love the idea of studying outside. Moreover, I also like the fact that Sheffield is not as crowded as London and I think it is a great place to study for student.

Although it would be nice to have more opportunity to visit schools and get practical experience, I feel that I've received a lot of insight into what is education and its complexity through discussion with other students, who come from diverse places and have diverse experiences. So the course has helped me to think more critically about the education system.

Fatemeh Sadeghi

Fatemeh came from Iran to study the Early Childhood Education MA. Attracted to the holistic nature of the MA, she enjoyed the scope of the modules and the greenness and internationalism of Sheffield.

I’ve lived in many Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Kuwait. Before I came to Sheffield I was a teacher at a kindergarten for children from three to eight years old.

Although I had done some short intensive courses and an Education MA previously, I was attracted to the masters at Sheffield as it is focused more about the policies and the huge ideas behind how you’re going to become a teacher, how you can help the education systems. I found it very holistic and looking at the bigger picture.

I enjoyed the one-to-one tutorials and the modules that gave the background and bigger pictures in relation to Early Childhood Education.

I’ve worked so hard and I’ve learned to plan very clearly and focus and not be distracted by unnecessary details. When I finish I’d like to continue studying and do my PhD in the UK and then run teacher training programmes back in Iran.