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M.Sc. Computer Aided Conception and Production in Mechanical Engineering

Online RWTH Aachen University    International Academy

Full time October MSc 4 semesters

About the course

Profound skills in computer-aided methods are of growing importance for every engineer in all fields of professional activity. The M.Sc. Computer Aided Conception and Production in Mechanical Engineering (CAME) at the RWTH Aachen University addresses specifically the purposes of the practicing mechanical engineer. Within one programme you can choose between two specializations - one design-oriented and one production-oriented - to fit your personal interest best. Thus, students can chart a customized learning programme according to their educational background and professional career plans.

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Entry Requirements

Academic first degree: Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science (e.g. in Mechanical Engineering or a related discipline, such as Automotive, Aerospace or Energy Engineering, Manufacturing, Structural, Industrial or Production Engineering) awarded by an internationally recognized university-level institution. Good performance in your undergraduate studies. Graduate Record Examination (applicants from EU, EWG and Bildungsinländer are exempt!) - please upload a copy of your test results only and keep the original with you until enrolment.


EUR 22 000 for the entire program
10% Early-Bird Discount if you apply before January 15 (Non-EU) or April 15 (EU)

 Course Content

Where is RWTH Aachen University



The scholarship covers the tuition fees for the respective Master’s degree program (within the regular study duration) between 18,00.00 EUR and 22,000.00 EUR, depending on the Master’s degree program. The scholarship holder will be charged an administrative fee of 500.00 EUR per semester.
Admitted female students of the Master’s degree programs mentioned above who have an excellence performance in their Bachelor studies are eligible for the scholarship. Students who already receive funding for the required tuition fees are however not eligible.

Value of Scholarship(s)

Eur 18.000 - 22.000 (depending on the program)


The number of international female students in the area of mechanical engineering lies merely around 10 per cent, according to the RWTH Key Data. This scholarship was created to enable for more qualified female engineering students to pursue an executive Master’s degree program at RWTH International Academy. Furthermore, it is intended to create gender equality among the international students of English-taught Master’s degree programs in engineering. Female students who are admitted to one of RWTH International Academy's Master's degree programs are eligible for this scholarship.

Application Procedure

The application for the scholarship has to be submitted with the regular application for the Master’s degree program. Admitted female students to one of the above-mentioned Master’s degree programs, who submit the application for the scholarship are eligible to receive funding. The application deadline is 1 March each year. The required documents are:

• Completed application sheet ‘Women in Engineering’
• Letter of intent (500 words)
• Certificate stating that the applicant is among the best 15% bachelor degree holders of their batch
• Certificate stating basic German knowledge (A1).

In your letter of intent, you should specify your motivation for applying for this scholarship. You should cover the following points: your motivation for the desired course of study, your reasons for choosing RWTH Aachen, the relation to your previous/current studies, and your
future career goals. Your letter of intent should follow a clear, logical structure.

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