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M.A. Semiotics of Texts and Culture

University of Passau    Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Full time October, April MA 4 semesters (2 years)

About the course

About the programme

The Master of Arts programme in Semiotics of Texts and Culture conveys competences in linguistics, literary studies, visual culture and media semiotics. This is done under the aspect of general cultural semiotics, as the systems of signs – the shared basis of the above branches of science – require deciphering both as a singular phenomenon and in terms of their complex interrelationships. As a student, you can select subjects to create a study focus including only subjects from the field of linguistics, literary studies or semiotics, as well as specialising in the philology of a language (e.g. German or English). Moreover you will acquire additional application-oriented communication, intercultural and IT skills.


– Research-oriented
– Core subjects: linguistics, literature and visual culture in their semiotic form, as well as media semiotics
– Individual focus combinations in German Studies, English Studies, Romance Studies, Slavic Studies, Literary Studies


The degree programme consists of three module groups and a thesis:
A) Core modules
B) Skills modules
C) Expansion modules
A) The core modules pick up on the competences in linguistics, literary studies, visual culture and media semiotics gained over the course of related Bachelor's degree studies while at the same time providing a framework for advanced scientific analysis of the research subjects of the semiotics of texts and culture. In addition, these modules impart the necessary methodological and theoretical skills for scientific research.
B) The skills modules give you the opportunity to specialise in two freely chosen subjects from:
– Language and Signs (Linguistics)
– Texts and Signs (Literary Studies)
– Signs and Symbols (Visual Culture/Art History and Media Semiotics)
C) The expansion modules allow you to develop practical skills in the area of communication studies, intercultural communication and computer science with a view to your future occupation
At the end of the Master's programme, you will write a Master's thesis on a topic derived from module group B.
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Entry Requirements

A good first university degree, obtained at the end of a three-year full-time programme, in linguistics, literary studies, art history or media semiotics, with a mark of 2.0 or better according to the German marking system, or ranked among the best 35% your cohort. As this programme is entirely taught in German, you need German language skills at level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


87 euros per semester (student services contribution)

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