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Full time October, April MA 4 semesters (2 years) up to 6 semesters
Languages, Literature & Culture (21)

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Embark on a transformative academic journey with the M.A. European Studies programme, a captivating blend of humanities and social sciences. Delve into European culture, history, and intercultural communication while tailoring your studies to your interests. Choose from a diverse range of subjects including linguistics, media studies, history, and philosophy, and enhance your language skills in a European language. The programme offers unique double degree options with prestigious universities in Spain and France, expanding your global perspective. Graduates are in high demand across various sectors, from public institutions to commercial enterprises, thanks to their profound understanding of Europe's societies and cultures. With a structured curriculum divided into core modules, cultural and social studies, and foreign languages, you will develop a deep understanding of Europe's complexities. Entry requirements include a first degree in humanities or social science and proficiency in German and another European language. Elevate your career prospects and academic pursuits with M.A. European Studies.

About the course


This cross-disciplinary master's programme, which combines elements of the humanities and social science, offers you the chance to consolidate and expand the knowledge and competencies gained in your undergraduate studies in a social or cultural discipline, lending it a (greater) European dimension. In this programme, you will explore European culture, history and intercultural communication. You will be able to set your own study focus by choosing from a wide variety of subjects, including a number of European linguistic subjects and media studies, history, sociology, political science, geography, art history, East Central European studies and philosophy. You will also improve your foreign language skills in a European language.

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Entry Requirements

A first degree in a humanities subject or social science, earned after a period of three years' full-time study, with the result of 2.5 or better according to the German marking system or ranked among the best 50% of your cohort. As German is the primary language of instruction, you need German language skills at level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR); moreover, you should have good command (C1 CEFR) of the language spoken in your chosen cultural region, i.e. Czech, English, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish.


106 euros per semester (student services contribution)

 Course Content

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Where will I study?

Where is University of Passau


All Available Videos:
Student Life in Passau Student Life in Passau 25/03/2024 17:12:31
Student Life in Passau
Informational Video on M.A. European Studies Informational Video on M.A. European Studies 26/03/2024 11:58:26
Informational Video on M.A. European Studies

Student Profiles

Sina Bittner

I am excited about the international and interdisciplinary orientation of the European Studies double master's programme, with integrated stays abroad, internships and many elective options. The individual focus in the Master's programme enables ideal preparation for one's dream job in the international field. Passau as a location offers the perfect mix of small town and big city, cosmopolitan and multicultural, but also familiar and well connected. Here you can make contacts for life, both personal and professional, and make great friends.

Daniel Rowe

What is special about the programme?
I can choose from many different fields, such as English or German Studies, and am able to construct my degree programme through a wide choice of modules. For me, Passau is the ideal place to study: the city is beautiful, small and just a typical student town.

Inka Weinhold

Why did you choose the programme?
The double master's programmes with Strasbourg and Málaga offer me the possibility of international orientation: that's why I chose Passau.
I can study application-oriented focus areas like Digital Humanities, and I have access to the large selection of languages taught by the Language Centre, which even offers 'exotic' languages such as Thai and Indonesian.

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