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LL.M in International and European Law Advanced

Radboud University Masters Programmes

Full time September, February LLM Full-time: 1 year

About the course

Developing an elaborate understanding of European and international law, including in-depth knowledge of the external dimension of EU law and the rules that govern the Union’s international relations.

The Master’s specialisation in International and European Law Advanced gives you the opportunity to acquire an advanced understanding of the core issues of European Union law and public international law. This specialisation offers considerable freedom to focus on the subjects that you find most relevant for your future career. Besides EU competition law and external relations law, you may choose to enrol in courses on topics of public international law, including international arbitration or international individual criminal responsibility. You may also further deepen your knowledge of EU

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Entry Requirements

1. A completed Bachelor's or Master’s degree in Law equivalent to the Dutch educational level*.
2. A proficiency in English:
a. A TOEFL score with a minimum score of 90 overall (internet-based, writing ≥ 23) or 575 (paper-based).
b. An IELTS score with a minimum of 6.5 overall (writing ≥ 6.5 and other components ≥ 6.5)
c. A Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English with a grade of C or Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) with a grade of C
3.Motivation letter in English


€2,143 (from EEA countries); €11,471 (from non-EEA countries).

Course Content

Where is Radboud University


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Student Profile(s)

Daniel Dimov

1650.jpg Everything was perfectly organised

Some people know the names of their future universities even at the age of ten. Some people, like me, do not know in advance even the name of the country in which they are going to pursue their university education. They just play a roulette game and hope that Fortuna, the goddess of the fortune, will guide them in the right direction. In my case, she, through the Internet, showed me the website of Radboud University Nijmegen. Before entering in that website, I did not know much for Nijmegen and Radboud University. However, since I was eager to acquire a sound understanding of European law, the Master's degree programme in EU Law offered by Radboud University immediately grabbed my attention.

A few months later, I was in Nijmegen. In this calm, green, and charming city, I participated in the orientation activities. I was oriented to the university, went through introductions, and listened a preliminary lecture. Everything was perfectly organized. Thanks to these activities, I was able to overcome the cultural shock that I experienced in the first days after my arrival in Nijmegen. During the orientation activities, I met many people from countries ranging from Indonesia to the United States. Having surrounded by so many new colleagues and friends, I was surprised at how quickly the time passed.

The academic year began. The quality of the education was really very high. Most of the professors are highly renowned in their fields. The communication between students and professors was highly encouraged. One should bear in mind, however, that a successful competition of the program requires many hours of hard work. I did not expect acquiring so much knowledge in a so short time. Finally, after writing a thesis dealing with the European rules on anti-dumping, I successfully graduated from Radboud University Nijmegen.

At present, I do an internship in T.M.C. Asser Institute in the Hague and write a PhD dissertation at Leiden University. My research interests include online dispute resolution, collective intelligence and law, and IT Law. During my internship and research, I use the valuable knowledge acquired during my studies at Radboud University.

Yonathan Pahlevi

“I chose Radboud University because they were the first university to accept my application. Unfortunately, getting my visa took a lot longer. All I could do was wait and wait. Two days before departure I got it! Coming to the Netherlands was my first time abroad. At first I felt like a stranger and a little uncomfortable. But after only a few weeks I began to feel at home and nothing is better than feeling at home while studying abroad. I met people from the Indonesian community and I also made Dutch friends. Life here is comfortable. If I didn’t have a job to go back to in Indonesia, I would definitely stay longer. I just wanted to pass my courses and not get homesick. But I was surprised how quickly I felt at home. Dutch people are helpful and easy to talk to.”

Linda Papa

"A place where I feel at home"
After I finished my Bachelor's in law science, I wanted to expand my knowledge in other foreign legal systems and therefore, decided to do my Master's abroad. I chose the Netherland because one of my professors, whose lectures I appreciate, finished his PhD in the Netherlands.

I liked the Master's degree programme at Radboud University, and now that I am here, I really feel at home. The University has a nice environment, where students are divided in small classes. And when you have any questions about the study programme, the administrative staff will answer your questions very quickly. Being surrounded by this individual care, all you have to do is focus on your study.

At Radboud University you can express your academic skills freely. Students have the opportunity to discuss many issues and questions with the professors, during and after the lecture. It's the perfect place to learn, develop, and practice your knowledge. The more you learn at Radboud University, the more exciting challenges are presented to you.

Apart from all this, the social life is also interesting. I have made a lot of international friends who share the same experiences. You can exchange information about different ways of life and thinking, in different cultures. At the end of the day, you can always enjoy the amazing parties and the beauty of Nijmegen.

After finishing my Master's degree in ‘business law' in Nijmegen I will, on one day, start my own law practice .

Eugenio Corallo

After finishing my first law master, I was really looking for a further study experience, for sure in European Law and possibly abroad. The LL.M in European Law of the Radboud University was the perfect answer to my request.

First of all it provides for the possibility of studying European and International Law by combining them. Therefore, in every subject more than one perspective is scrutinised and commented. Secondly, all lectures include workshops or team works that make the study of the subject not only book-based. Third, professors and the administrative staff are always available for clarifications or help.

The campus of the Radboud University is located not far from the city centre. Biking there is the best way to reach the university and to wake up in the morning.

The Faculty of Law, particularly, is inside a state-of-the-art building: the Grotius gebouw. Anything can be found there to enable a smooth and challenging study experience: from the wonderful library to the various leisure areas, the classrooms where lectures are really face-to-face with the professor, the beautiful park outside, where is possible to have lunch or relax.

But the university life doesn’t end with the study at the Grotius: there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself in the way that most suits you. Just to mentions two: the gorgeous (and cheap) sports centre and the campus’ Cultuur Café with its events.

Finally, Nijmegen. The city is close to the German border and it’s not too big and not too small. Its dimension has the interesting effect of avoiding you the shock of moving to a different, huge city. Notwithstanding the initial confusion, it is easy to find your way through the pretty streets of the city centre and to find everything you need to live at most your university experience.

Personally, I have no regrets in having chosen the LLM in European Law at the Radboud University.'

Monika Canco

The LLM in European Law with a specialisation in European and International Law Advanced at Radboud University has been a memorable experience. As an EU law student I deepened my knowledge of how the EU works. I found that studying EU policies in different domains, analysing the case law of the ECJ and the division of powers, as well as debating on finding solutions to conflicting interests made this programme far more interesting (and challenging) than I initially thought.

The programme was challenging in several ways. First, as an international student, I had to get used to studying in a language (English) that is not my mother tongue. Moreover, I had to familiarise myself with a system of evaluation which differed so much from the one in my country. However, by the second month studying at Radboud University I had got used to these changes.

One of the aspects that I liked most about studying here was the friendly environment established since the very first day of classes. First, the Law Faculty's International Office often organised events for the students to get to know each other. I am happy I met a lot of students there, some of whom are now my close friends. In addition, there was a very friendly relationship between the teachers and the students. The lectures were based on active interaction with students, which improved my critical thinking. Also, my Master’s thesis supervisor was friendly and patient answering all my questions and providing me with all the necessary advice. Moreover, the staff of the International Office not only offered me guidance regarding procedural issues, but also helped me feel at home abroad.

My thesis dealt with finding solutions to two conflicting interests in the field of EU competition law: the leniency policy representing public interest and the right to damages representing private interests of the parties injured by cartels.

This degree helped me understand not only how the European Union works, but also how each policy affects our everyday life. Living in a time when the world is more interconnected than ever before, I believe that having an in-depth knowledge of EU law is a strong advantage for a jurist. After having received my LLM in European Law, I am planning to start a PhD in Competition Law, hopefully continuing to research on some of the issues laid down in my Master’s thesis.'


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