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International Relations

University of Amsterdam Political Science

Full time September MSc 1 year

About the course

The International Relations programme provides you with insight into fundamental questions about war and peace, the global economy, but also about justice and identity throughout the world. It analyses interactions between states, international organisations, citizens and other non-state actors at local, national, and supranational levels.

Would you like to better understand the rapidly changing character of global politics? We provide a distinctive programme that is:

  • Comprehensive in its coverage of themes and world regions. We offer multiple courses relating to peace and security, international political economy, human rights, migration and, global environmental issues, among many others. Our courses cover all world regions and/or relations between regions.
  • Based in 21st Century
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Entry Requirements

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 Course Content

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Student Profile(s)

Lucia Kovacikova

'UvA is not only a well-known and highly-respected school in the field of Social Sciences, but it also provides a different perspective on the study of International Relations.’ Read what Lucia Kovacikova tells us about International Relations.

My name is Lucia Kovacikova and I am from Canada. I completed my undergraduate degree in International Relations in Calgary, Canada. During that time, I was very much aware that travel and international study opportunities were absolutely essential in understanding foreign affairs and multicultural cooperation. At the University of Calgary, I was able to complete two exchange programmes, first at the Umeå University in Sweden and second at the The Washington Center in Washington, D.C. I was also able to work internationally in different sectors, which gave me a better understanding of my field and pointed out to me the necessary requirements of working in NGOs and international research institutes. I came to understand that International Relations, rather than being just an interesting field, is also very competitive and prestigious.

UvA is not only a well-known and highly-respected school in the field of Social Sciences, but it also provides a different perspective on the study of International Relations, which is what I was originally drawn to. I believe it is essential to study such a complex subject from different angles and my experience at UvA has certainly allowed me to do that. I had the opportunity to study under four professors, each from a different country, from a different academic and research background, with different areas of interest. For any student, such atmosphere is anything but boring! It allowed me to explore my own views on the subject and eventually to focus on a specific topic I always wanted to explore in more detail.

In my second semester I settled on writing my thesis about the institutional cooperation between the United Nations and the African Union regarding their peacekeeping efforts in Burundi, Darfur and Somalia. I was extremely excited to be able to tackle this topic, not in the least because it presented a unique challenge for me.

I believe that UvA is really a wonderful place to study, and Amsterdam a wonderful place to live. I would definitely recommend this programme to all students who wish to pursue a graduate degree in International Relations.

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