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  International Management - MSc

Audencia Business School    Master & Grande Ecole

Full time September MSc 1 - 2 years full-time
Business & Management (5)

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Unleash your potential with the MSc in International Management at Audencia Business School. This programme is designed for ambitious individuals ready to thrive in a global business environment. Tailor your education with the Fast Track (1 year) or Full Track (2 years) options, depending on your qualifications and career goals. Dive into core modules covering areas like International Strategy, Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources. Choose from a wide range of electives to specialise in areas such as Marketing, Finance, or Strategy & Management. The programme also offers a unique Summer Term for further skill development and networking opportunities. Stand out with a practical master's dissertation and optional internship to enhance your employability. With a diverse student body and faculty, you'll gain a truly international experience. Join Audencia and become a leader in international management.

About the course

About the Course

Join some of the brightest innovators from around the world at Audencia Business School. In our International Master in Management (IMM) programme, you’ll take courses led by global experts within a highly international campus and curriculum. Prepare for career success:

- Learn to do business across cultures.
- Consider our rigorous Fast Track if you have a four-year bachelor’s degree.
- Tailor your programme to your interests and goals, including choice of electives, study abroad options, and summer term opportunities.
- Prove your skill with a practical master’s dissertation on a specific business and management area.
- Connect with our large network of corporate partners through events and internship opportunities.

Prepare for your career in any sector of international management at one of the top ranked, triple accredited and most corporately connected business schools in Europe – and in one of the best places to live in France. Complete your foundational core courses, and then determine the focus and format of your education to fit your career goals.

Course Structure

Fast Track: If you’re a highly qualified student with a four-year degree, the Fast Track lets you run at full throttle to complete the IMM in one year.

Full Track: If you have a three-year bachelor’s degree or simply wish to go into depth and take advantage of all the options the programme offers, the Full Track is for you. You’ll complete the IMM in two years.

Core Modules

Fast Track: Period 1 (September to December)
Full Track: Period 1 (September to December) of 1st academic year

International Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Financial Accounting
Cost accounting
Corporate Finance
International Marketing
Managing Across Cultures
Human Resources Management and Business Ethics
Managerial Coaching

And if you choose an Asia focus, you have the option of completing these courses in China at the renowned Beijing Institute of Technology.

Electives /Optional modules

Fast Track: Period 2 (January to June)
Full Track: Period 2 (January to June) of 1st academic year

At this point in the programme, you’ll have built a solid foundation in business management. You’ll then select courses that will either prepare you as a specialist in your area(s) of interest or broaden your managerial knowledge even further.

For elective courses during this period, you may opt to study in Nantes or travel to one of our IMM partner institutions for a term in Asia or Europe.

Examples of electives in Nantes include:

- Psychology of Money and Consumer Behaviour
- Business Negotiation
- E-Commerce
- International Retailing and Innovation
- Marketing in the Digital Age

- Advanced Corporate Finances
- Managerial Accounting
- Financial Analysis
- International Financial Markets

Strategy & Management
- International Business Environment
- Business in Emerging Markets
- Project Management
- Entrepreneurial Business Plan
- Entrepreneurship and Innovation
- Social and Collaborative Businesses
- Change Management
- Leadership Development
- Business Ethics
- Deviance, Fraud and Corruption
- Creative Project on Intercultural Gaming
- Project in Corporate Social Responsibility

*Specialisations are subject to availability. Students may be selected to participate based on prior experience.

Summer Term (optional)

Fast Track: Period 3 (July to August)
Full Track: Period 3 (July to August) of 1st academic year

If during this optional period you’d like to further develop or refine your expertise, work closely with a new group of peer and partner contacts, or sharpen your language skills, an additional Summer Term programme is available in Nantes free of charge. Small group study, projects and company visits are just a small part of these programmes.

Possible options include:

- Intercultural Management
- Media and Communication
- Marketing to Europe
- Arts Management
- Field trips and excursions
- French language classes (and if you like, a homestay with a French family!)

You may also select a summer programme offered through our IMM partner university in North America, University of California, Berkeley (tuition varies).


Full Track only: Period 4 (September to December) of 2nd academic year

Now it’s time to select courses that will either prepare you as a specialist in your area(s) of interest or broaden your managerial knowledge even further.

For elective courses during this period, you may opt to study in Nantes or travel to one of our IMM partner institutions for a term in North America, Europe, the Middle East or North Africa.

Examples of electives in Nantes include:

- Psychology of Money and Consumer Behaviour
- International Retailing and Innovation
- Sectorial Marketing
- Business to Business Strategies and Methods in Sales and Marketing

- Reporting under IFRS and US GAAP

Strategy & Management
- Agile Project Management
- Change Management
- Art and Cultural Management
- Consulting
- Operations and Supply Chain Management

*Specialisations are subject to availability. Students may be selected to participate based on prior experience.


Fast Track: Concurrent with periods 2 & 3 (January to November)
Full Track: Period 5 (January to June) of 2nd academic year

Delve into your real-world international study of a business and management area that will influence the trajectory of your career. This dissertation is both academic and practical, allowing you to showcase what you have learned and how you plan to apply it.

You’ll write this dissertation and can defend it either in person in Nantes or via Skype.

Internship (optional)

Fast Track: Concurrent with period 3 (July to December)
Full Track: Concurrent with period 5 (January to June) of 2nd academic year

This internship option allows you to build connections with our network of French and international corporate partners. Apply your knowledge and skills within your sector, and further strengthen your international portfolio and employability. Internships in France are paid; this will vary from country to country, depending on local laws.

You’ll secure your internship with a company of your choice (with the assistance of our internal job board). The internship will be guided by a faculty member, so you’ll gain both a hands-on practical understanding and an academic one – something that looks good on any resume.

International Partners

Within this programme alone, our student body represents 25+ nationalities from top universities around the world, and our faculty represents 15+ nationalities – with loads of international industry experience. We provide you with a highly international experience, even if you opt to stay in Nantes throughout the programme.

If you’d like to really dig in deep to a particular region or enhance your foreign language skills, choose to study abroad with one of our top international partners. For more information on study abroad opportunities at Audencia, please contact us.
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Entry Requirements

Applicants for Full Track (2 years) will need a three-year bachelor’s degree in any field. Applicants for Fast Track (1 year) will need a four-year bachelor’s degree in any field but specialisations within the Fast Track are only open to students with a background in that area. Successful applicants will also need to be proficient in English. For more information on the entry requirements please see the website View Website

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