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Humanities: Literature and Contested Spaces (Research Master) RM

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam    Faculty of Humanities

Full time September Research Only, MA Full-time: 2 years

About the course

Make the connections that lead to inspiring humanities research

Keen to develop in-depth knowledge of the theories, methods and techniques of your research field, connecting them with other disciplines? Curious to find out how your research relates to societal issues?

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Entry Requirements

To be admitted to the programme, you should have:

- a bachelor’s degree in an academic degree related to your chosen specialisation.
- a proficient level of academic English,
- proof of excellent study results: outstanding grade for your bachelor’s thesis (7.5 or higher), and an average of no less than 7.5 for a relevant selection of your bachelor’s programme (to be decided by the Admission Board).
- and clear motivation for doing academic research.


EU/EER Student: €1,084
NON-EU Student: €11,606

 Course Content

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