History: Religion and Society MA

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam    Faculty of Humanities

Full time September MA Full-time: 1 year

About the course

Learn about the historical relations between religion and society

The MA specialisation programme History: Religion and Society focusses on understanding the changing role of religion(s) in society from Antiquity until the present. You will explore questions such as:

  • How has the relationship between religion, politics and society changed over time?
  • How can we understand the gradual separation of Church and State and new forms of worship, dissent and devotion that have developed since the western Middle Ages?
  • What has been the impact of broader processes such as secularisation, globalisation and colonialism?


Studying religion from an interdisciplinary

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Entry Requirements

To qualify for the master’s programme, you must have a bachelor's degree from an officially recognised research university, including a minimum of three years of full-time academic studies with at least 180 ECTS or the equivalent.

The master’s programme in History is for students with an academic bachelor’s degree in History. You may also qualify if you have an academic bachelor’s degree in another discipline of the Humanities (e.g. Theology, Philosophy) or in Anthropology or Sociology, if you have a major or specialisation equal to a minimum of 30 ECTS in History courses.


EU/EER Student: €1,084
NON-EU Student: €15,546

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