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History & Archaeology (19)

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The History Master of Arts (MA) programme at CU Boulder offers a fascinating exploration of the past to gain a deeper understanding of our present world. Through in-depth analysis and the use of primary sources, students develop empathy and critical thinking skills, examining the ethical dimensions of historical decisions. The programme covers a wide range of eras and world areas, allowing students to specialize in a regional/national field and a global/thematic field. With options for a thesis or non-thesis track, students can tailor their degree to their interests. A broad liberal arts education is desirable, but a history major is not specifically required.

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Historians study the past, in all of its complexity, to better understand our contemporary world and the forces that created it. Historians analyze change over time, and they use archival and other primary-source evidence to build interpretations that explain change and put it into context. In seeking to understand historical subjects on their own terms, and by appreciating the diverse perspectives of past actors, students of history develop empathy even as they rigorously engage with the ethical dimensions of past human decisions and actions. When students understand the past, they recognize their power to shape the present and the future.

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Entry Requirements

As general preparation for graduate work in history, a broad liberal arts education, as well as a major in history, are desirable, though not specifically required. Candidates for graduate degrees may be required to pursue such fundamental courses in history as the department deems necessary to provide a suitable historical background.

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