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  Health Informatics (Online) MS

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Computer Science (8) Medicine (26)

About the course

Demand is high for health informaticists–those professionals who are well versed in applying computing and information technology solutions to the management of health care information and patient data. This health informatics masters will give you the knowledge and experience you need to succeed in this evolving field.

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Entry Requirements

Hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution.

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Student Profiles

Harshitha Nanjundappa

Harshitha Nanjundappa, an Electrical Engineering MS graduate (May 2018) leveraged her research projects and work at Intel into a full-time job offer.

Qian Yang

Qian Yang of China is a graduate of RIT's Print Media MS program - a program that teaches business, technology, and processes in graphic communications.

Sai Ashwin Parakkal

Sai Ashwin Parakkal of India graduated from our MS Computer Science program in 2017. Sai completed a Summer internship with Kodak Alaris in Fall, 2016, and then had an amazing experience working for Amazon’s New York City operation in the Spring & Summer of 2017.

Caroline Sculimbrene

Graduated in 2021

I feel really proud of all the hard work I put into getting my degree. People respect the reputation of RIT so they are impressed when they hear where I graduated from and what degree I achieved..

Claire Candelori

Graduated in 2021

I loved the ability to get to know your professors and utilize them as true mentors. I had lots of questions about different industries and jobs I was applying to and I asked multiple professors about career and industry advice and they really helped me decide my career path..

Umang Gada

Graduated in 2021

I loved my in-person classes. The interactions I had with my professors in person made learning fun..

Neel Sancheti

Graduated in 2021

RIT gave me the opportunity to meet and learn from people from all over the world..

Anthoiny Parrucci

Graduated in 2021

I chose RIT because of the Industrial Design program, facilities, professors and alumni network. Once I saw what RIT had to offer in person I was convinced it would be a great opportunity and experience.

Nishant Kodan

Graduated in 2021

Working on next-generation ambient light sensors this summer was pretty cool. I adjusted to my role here pretty quickly and was able to perform tasks assigned to me.

Shubham Rajendra Dalvi

Graduated in 2021

I was a part of the NEON team ( which makes digital artificial humans. The artificial humans look so real that you cannot distinguish them from real humans.


Graduate scholarships and assistantships are awarded based on merit - the strength of an applicant's qualifications as compared to those of other applicants for the same program. Assistantships are awarded at the discretion of the academic program department and are typically awarded once students are enrolled.

In 2021-2022, RIT awarded $37 million in graduate scholarships and tuition aid to 2,800 graduate students. Scholarships award amounts generally range from 5-60% of tuition. The average scholarship is 30% of tuition.

Value of Scholarship(s)

5-60% of tuition


All applicants for on-campus graduate study are eligible. Awards are made once an admission decision is made and applicants are notified of scholarship awards at the same time they receive an offer of admission. International applicants have the same opportunity for awards and award amounts as do US students.

Application Procedure

No separate application is required. Answer two Yes/No questions on the application for admission.

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