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  • Study Type

    Full time available

  • Subject Areas


  • Start Date

    January, May

  • Course Duration

    2 semesters

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  • Course Fees

    2016 Total Degree Cost: $30,163

Course content

[[About the program
The Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science is designed to provide students with an integrated, comprehensive, and complete education in the discipline of psychology. Students undertake advanced training in a range of methodological (research methods, psychometrics, statistics) and applied areas, and develop competence in conducting research. All applied material is based on the scientist-practitioner model, and evidence-based approaches to psychological intervention are stressed.

The Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science provides students with advanced education and training in the core psychology graduate attributes, including but not limited to the following:
- Advanced theoretical and empirical knowledge in some of the core research areas of the discipline
- Knowledge of the theoretical and empirical bases underpinning the construction, implementation and interpretation of some of the most widely used cognitive and personality assessments
- Knowledge of the theoretical and empirical bases underpinning evidenced based approached to psychological intervention
- Explaining how the science and practice of psychology is influenced by social, historical, professional and cultural contexts

The Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science prepares graduates for a career in psychology. On completion of this course, graduates may apply for provisional registration as a psychologist providing they enrol in further postgraduate studies or undertake two years’ supervised training.

See the website https://bond.edu.au/program/graduate-diploma-psychological-science

- Professional recognition
This program has been granted accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC).

Further study
- Master of Psychology (Clinical)
- Master of Psychology (Forensic)

Professional outcomes

Under supervision, graduates can pursue careers in the professional practice of psychology including clinical, forensic or organisational psychology, counselling, health and community psychology, research, and other specialist areas.

Find out how to apply here https://bond.edu.au/future-students/study-bond/how-apply

Thesis overview

The most challenging aspect of 4th year studies is the research thesis. The thesis component is designed for students to demonstrate their ability to conceive, conduct, and report on, high level, original research. The research thesis is carried out under the supervision of an academic member of staff, and is assessed against a number of criteria. Briefly, these criteria relate to the student’s command of the area under investigation, from the conceptualisation of the problem, through the development of an appropriate strategy to investigate the problem, to clear interpretation and reporting on the outcomes of the research. The research thesis consists of two subjects.
- PSYC71-400 Diploma Thesis 1: Research Seminar and Ethics
- PSYC72-420 Diploma Thesis 2

The thesis subjects are to be completed in two consecutive semesters, regardless of full- or part-time enrolment status.

- Fourth Year Orientation Session
Students are expected to attend the fourth-year orientation session held during Bond Orientation Week, which is the week before classes start. During this session students are given full details of the requirements for their fourth year of studies in psychology.

Important notes for students

Upon completion of 4th year training (e.g., the Graduate Diploma or the Honours program) many students apply for provisional registration as a psychologist. Provisional registration permits the professional practice of psychology and can be achieved either through a Board approved Supervised Practice Program (two years of supervised practice), or through Postgraduate studies in Psychology. Students who intend to apply for provisional registration following their 4th Year studies should be aware of the registration requirements as administered by the Psychology Board of Australia under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act 2009. Information on Psychology Board of Australia registration requirements can be obtained from http://www.psychologyboard.gov.au

Students who obtain their undergraduate qualifications outside of an ‘approved qualification’ in Australia must have them assessed as being equivalent to an accredited three year sequence of study in psychology in Australia, prior to being granted provisional registration. Undergraduate transcripts of students wishing to undertake their 4th year studies at Bond from non-Australian institutions are carefully checked by the 4th Year Coordinator to determine equivalence with an APAC accredited 3-year sequence of study in Australia. Transcripts are checked to ensure that subject matter undertaken in the undergraduate sequence matches core areas within the discipline (e.g., perception, memory, learning, motivation and emotion, psychobiology, personality, emotion, developmental psychology, social psychology, and abnormal psychology), and includes statistics and research methods. When assessing suitability for entry into 4th year programs, Bond University makes every effort to ensure that core topics covered in undergraduate degrees obtained outside of Australia are equivalent to those required in an accredited three-year sequence of study in psychology in Australia, however we do not guarantee the equivalence of these degrees.

Students who obtained their three year undergraduate qualifications outside of Australia should be aware that successful completion of the 4th year program might not be sufficient for registration as a psychologist and/or the membership requirements of the Australian Psychological Society (APS). Equivalency assessments may be required by the Psychology Board of Australia. For more information on equivalency assessments please visit http://www.psychology.org.au

See the website https://bond.edu.au/program/graduate-diploma-psychological-science

For contact information see here https://bond.edu.au/program/graduate-diploma-psychological-science

Visit the Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science page on the Bond University website for more details!





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