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Diversity within very local communities is growing as our world becomes more interconnected and our markets more globalised. Within this increased complexity the need to understand diversity, its impact and consequences is ever more crucial. The way we deal with differences between people is a key variable in almost every sphere of modern life and of particular relevance for public and private management. Managing diversity and capturing its benefits is a key challenge for contemporary societies. It is as important for secure and stable cities as for successful and profitable companies, and especially critical for public services managers with heavily constrained expenditures.

The MPA Global Diversity Governance builds upon the global understanding and practical expertise that Coventry University, through the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations (CTPSR), has developed in the fields of intercultural relations, social cohesion and diversity around the world. It is a programme that rises to the challenges of managing diversity and is designed to support professionals from around the world who are responsible for service design and delivery that must take full account of an unprecedented level of diversity in their communities, workplaces and families.

The MPA brings together experienced, mid- and senior-career professionals from different countries and regions, as a collaborating and diverse group with global and local perspectives, to learn from leading experts and active researchers from across the social and political sciences. The programme is open to professionals with the requisite qualifications looking to more effectively understand and confront the challenges of diverse societies and manage lasting, positive social change in their own local areas.

The global political and economic environment is changing and a new and very different geo-political reality is emerging. The MPA has been designed to explore in detail the nature and implications of these changes, providing professionals with the skills and mind-sets that will allow them to manage cultural diversity and lead the organisations of the future, whether in education, health, security or other areas of service delivery.


This course is a unique, pioneering programme of study that prepares practitioners and leaders from across the world to more effectively confront one of the prime responsibilities of our time: the successful governance of diversity.

The MPA represents the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations’ ambition to equip those who work with, for and in diversity communities with the latest and most innovative tools, evidence and thinking. Joining the MPA means becoming a part of a network of professionals who have the enthusiasm, theoretical and conceptual knowledge and practical skills required to create positive social change in their own contexts.

The course is designed and delivered by leading, active scholars in the field who have assembled the most powerful contemporary thinking from across the social sciences to inform your study. If you are interested in global diversity, cultural difference and their governance, Coventry University is the place to learn more.

We will provide you with:
-An opportunity to achieve an MPA via distance learning in the period of 15 months
-Access to all the same resources that would be available to you on campus, including library resources and access to relevant speakers
-The possibility to enhance your CV
-Recognition of your professional experience and prior learning, which enables you to obtain a postgraduate qualification based on your experience, rather than necessarily previous academic experience
-Access to a professional network of individuals working in various roles related diversity governance all over the world, with an opportunity to benefit from their perspectives and experiences, which allows for robust and informative learning beyond formal study


Working effectively with diversity and cultural difference is a core requirement of almost every career path in public, private and voluntary sectors around the world – as important for charity managers in Africa and Asia as it is to senior police teams in Europe. Our MPA is designed to enhance the skills and understanding of professionals working in, with and for diverse communities; our aim is for students to leave the Programme with not only an enhanced CV and career prospects but with the networks, confidence and competence to create positive change in the communities they serve.

The MPA offers professionals an unparalleled opportunity to build their understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by global diversity. We aim for each course member to graduate with stronger analytical abilities in assessing the challenges posed by cultural difference as well as a set of tools for responding to these challenges – essential prerequisites for any senior career in public administration.

The MPA provides professionals with:
-A greater ability to assess the local relevance of national policies and global trends in diversity governance
-Improved comparative analytical skills in understanding diversity governance contexts around the world
-Enhanced capabilities in designing and delivering services which meet the needs of diverse societies
-Advanced skills in dialogue facilitation and communication with people from different cultures

Whilst also gaining a formal, accredited postgraduate qualification, the MPA offers the opportunity to broaden your professional networks and study alongside people in similar roles around the world. The course ultimately seeks to create a learning community, where ideas can be interchanged and debated amongst academic staff, alumni, and current students, lasting well beyond the timespan of the academic programme itself.

The MPA is ideally suited for professionals looking to progress their careers in senior management where an ability to work effectively with the complexity of diverse communities is of paramount importance. The MPA equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary to take up roles within a broad spectrum of organisations including international non-governmental organisations, national and local government agencies, supranational government organisations like the United Nations, regional communities such as the European Union or the Economic Community of West African States, local and national charities and, indeed, also academia – a number of our Centre’s alumni have gone on to join our team as PhD candidates.


To prepare students for the challenges of the global employment market and to strengthen and develop their broader personal and professional skills Coventry University has developed a unique Global Leaders Programme.

The objectives of the programme, in which postgraduate and eligible undergraduate students can participate, is to provide practical career workshops and enable participants to experience different business cultures.

Visit the Global Diversity Governance - MPA page on the Coventry University website for more details!




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