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Executive Masters in Organisational Change

Ashridge Business School

Part time April MSc 2 years

About the course

Change agents are facing volatile disruption in the world. This provides risks for many and opportunities for those that can sense, seize and adapt effectively. Many change practitioners have realised that change and innovation is predominantly a socio-technological phenomenon and that the standard approaches don't work back in their organisations.

This two-year part-time programme has been designed by experienced practitioners to meet the needs of their peers. You will explore different perspectives on organisations, change and new approaches grounded in years of practical experience as well as sound academic research.

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Entry Requirements

Bachelor degree, and a minimum of five years' experience in an organisational intervention role.


£35,000 + VAT

 Course Content

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Masters in Organisation Consulting
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Ashridge Overview

Student Profile(s)

Andrew Burton

Why did you decide to do the Masters in Organisational Change programme?

I was intrigued to understand more about myself and how I impact others but also to appreciate the complexity of everyday interaction. Enriching dialogue to facilitate greater outcomes and allow ‘voices’ to contribute whilst ‘holding lightly’ my own suppositions was something I felt AMOC would help me with and I was not let down.

Did you have any reservations before starting?

Yes lots. Was I going to be able to meet the demands of the programme? Was I ‘good enough’ to be able to learn after so many years out of a formal learning environment? Would I enjoy the content? Will I like the rest of the group and the tutors? Can I bring something worthwhile and contribute positively to the learning?

I was glad to learn that my colleagues on the programme had similar reservations but even happier to know that I need not have worried. The whole experience was wonderful and I am somewhat jealous of those starting the programme.

What did you learn from the programme?

An incredible amount about myself and the impact of anything and everything I do or say. The complexity of people and how I might respond to them has changed considerably as a result of AMOC and that change has been very much for the better. The appreciation I have for greater collaboration and effective dialogue is a million miles ahead of where I was before going into AMOC, I would go as far to say that, for me, the programme was life changing!

How have you applied this to your work and organisation?

The learning becomes a ‘way of being’ and as such every interaction is influenced. That said I do reference some of the gurus and the work they have done with members of my team which often leads to some very enriching conversations.

What would you say to someone considering joining this programme?

You will always find a reason NOT to start the program, that special project that you have to complete, work deadlines, family commitments etc. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the perfect moment will be next year or the year after if you do, it will never come.

The perfect moment is now, right now – Go for it, you won’t regret it.

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