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Unleash your passion for ecology and evolution with the Master's Programme in Evolutionary Ecology at Linnaeus University. Dive deep into the intricate world of organisms, biodiversity, and ecological systems through a multidisciplinary approach. This programme equips you with a solid foundation in biology, ecology, and evolution, paving the way for a successful scientific career. The first year covers a wide array of topics including systematics, behavior, and environmental adaptations, while the second year focuses on a research project culminating in a thesis. With a strong emphasis on critical thinking and practical skills, you'll be well-prepared for further studies or a career in research, education, or consultancy. The programme's international opportunities, state-of-the-art facilities in Kalmar, and emphasis on hands-on learning make it a standout choice for aspiring evolutionary ecologists. Join us and embark on a transformative academic journey towards becoming a master in Evolutionary Ecology.

About the course

This Master's Program allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the ecology, evolution and diversity of organisms.

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Entry Requirements

General entry requirements for second­cycle studies and specific entry requirements:

- 90 credits in Biology/Ecology/ Evolutionary biology/ Microbiology including an independent project/degree project worth at least 15 higher education credits, or the equivalent.

- English B/6 or equivalent.


Tuition fee, first payment: 77,500 SEK

Tuition fee, total: 309,600 SEK

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Each year Linnaeus University offers scholarships to outstanding students from countries outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland through the programme "Linnaeus University Scholarships" and "Linnaeus University Scholarship for Current Students"

Information about Scholarship Opportunities at Linnaeus University
Linnaeus University offers two differens scholarship programmes for the moment, Linnaeus University Scholarship and Linnaeus University Scholarship for Current Student.

Linnaeus University Scholarship programme is offered for students who study master programmes. Students can only apply for this scholarship before commencing the programme.

Linnaeus University for Current Students is offered for students who are already enrolled in a two- or three-year lasting programme at Linnaeus University. Students can only apply for this scholarship after commencing the programme.

What does the scholarship include?
Up to 75% reduction of the tuition fees for the rest of the programme. The scholarships is initially granted for one semester, but will automatically be extended for the duration of the study program (2 up to 4 semesters), provided that study results are satisfactory.

What does the scholarship NOT include?
The scholarship does not cover living costs or other costs.


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Application Procedure

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