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Energy Management (MBA)

Technical University of Berlin    TU-Campus EUREF

Full time October MBA 3 semesters, 1,5 years

About the course

This full-time master program “Energy Management” at TU-Campus EUREF in Berlin enhances students´ career prospects and enables them to reach the next level of leadership. Successful graduates will have the ability to lead and manage others and to make strategic, problem-solving and sustainable managerial decisions in the field of energy and beyond.

The energy market is one of today´s most fast paced, decisive and profitable industries and crucial to both the global economy, the environment and our future society as a whole. Climate and economic changes, public opinion, technological progress and regulation shape unforeseen challenges and opportunities. This situation calls for new solutions to be delivered by highly skilled and appropriately trained experts with an all-embracing overview, an international outlook and the will to create a true impact. Due to its economic, entrepreneurial and industrial strength as well as its successful and progressive energy policies, the —Energiewende—, Germany stands out as a front runner in the global energy transition.

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Entry Requirements

1. Motivation letter in English (max. 1 page A4, ca. 400 words)
2. Tabular Curriculum Vitae with information about the educational and professional background
3. University degree(s) recognized by German universities (at least 210 ECTS)
4. Proof of working experience of at least one year (preferably in the relevant working areas of energy) after completion of studies.
5. Proof of knowledge of the English language at level B2 (or higher) of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) – not required for high school graduation with the English language



 Course Content

Where is Technical University of Berlin


All Available Videos:
Videos MBA Sustainable Mobility Management Videos MBA Sustainable Mobility Management 19/02/2018 08:56:58
Videos MBA Sustainable Mobility Management
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TU Berlin, School of Economics and Management

Student Profile(s)


Now in this first semester of the Master Program in Energy Management at TU Berlin, I am thrilled and excited to meet and work with people from all around the world with diverse backgrounds in a very friendly and challenging environment. The campus truly has a buzz with many start-ups and established companies experimenting with the latest tech and ideas. The courses are great with excellent internationally recognised professors from academic as well as industrial backgrounds. I thoroughly enjoy the highly interactive sessions, and the supervisors put in a great effort at creating a relaxed environment for the students to get acquainted with all aspects of the subject. I am eagerly looking forward to the next semesters and can highly recommend this program!


The MBA program Energy Management is very well structured and thought through. Professors and lecturers come from various energy backgrounds and are highly involved academically, politically and economically into Germany´s Energiewende. I can apply my acquired knowledge directly at my workplace but also actively engage in the large and inspiring energy scene in Berlin and Germany. Excursions give us insights regarding relevant market players and opportunities to connect with future employers. It is particularly inspiring to study with such an international student crowd since we can share and critically discuss our diverse knowledge and experiences in the energy field from many different regions in the world.


The broadness of its carefully selected content makes this program perfect for student’s career growth into global business leadership and policy making in the energy sector. It is truly multicultural and provides additional opportunities through close collaboration with both transnational and startup energy companies. Technical University Berlin is a world class scientific academic environment, allowing interdisciplinary initiatives, encouraging team work with experts’ supervision, offering frequent and relevant seminars and excursions to boost practical experience. Students enjoy superb and individual support from both the academic and administrative staff.


Digital Transformation, Automation and Energy Management – Key words in today’s ever changing and rapidly developing world that is shaped by the energy paradox: A growing demand for energy that is confronted by the undebatable need for lower CO2 emissions.
How can this issue be resolved? In the way we consume energy we need to be far more efficient and sustainable. In the Master-in-Energy MBA programs at TU Berlin that are generously funded by Schneider Electricy students get the opportunity to become experts in the field of energy management and digitization to be Young Industry Leaders’ and to be ready to take on key roles in today’s industries.

The available scholarships will be awarded to applicants admitted to one of the following programs:
Energy Management (MBA)
Building Sustainability – Management Methods for Energy Efficiency (MBA)
Sustainable Mobility Management (MBA)

During your studies you will have the opportunity to get firsthand practical experience working at the interface between customer and technology in different departments at Schneider Electric. Thus, you can directly apply your recently acquired know-how in a real company context and shape the direction your career is heading to.

Value of Scholarship(s)

15000/18000 €


Application and Admission for the master's program on Energy Management (MBA), Building Sustainability (MBA) or Sustainable Mobility Management (MBA) at TU-Campus EUREF of "Technische Universität Berlin".

Application Procedure

Selection criteria:
- successfully completed selection process for one of the above mentioned MBA programs
- at least 1 year of relevant, postgraduate work experience
- excellent academic background in a technical field (electrical engineering, energy engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, building technology or similar)
- likely personal contribution to the program and financial need
- willingness to learn German and to work in Germany after graduation, preferably in sales-related functions
- intellectual and analytical curiosity, a focus on community and the will to create a true impact on the sustainability of our planet

The application deadline is April 30th

Required application materials:
- completed application for Energy Master Programs at TU Berlin
- scholarship essay demonstrating motivation for applying for the scholarship (max. 2 pages)

Foreign and German applicants are equally welcome. Among identically qualified candidates, female applicants will be favored.

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