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  Energy Engineering

University of Padua    School of Engineering

Full time October MSc 2 years
Engineering (12) Environmental Sciences (13)

FindAMasters summary

The Energy Engineering Master's Degree is a comprehensive programme that equips students with the necessary skills to excel in the sustainable production, distribution, and use of energy. Accredited by EUR-ACE, this programme offers a wide range of modules and allows students to specialize in areas such as renewable sources, combined plants, and energy in buildings. With a focus on managerial and research roles, graduates will be well-prepared to operate in the field of energy generation and optimization. The programme requires a minimum three-year undergraduate degree with a strong foundation in subjects like Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering. English proficiency at B2 level is also required. Explore the programme website for more details.

About the course

The Master’s Degree in Energy Engineering provides solid skills necessary to operate with management and R&D functions in the sustainable production, distribution and use of energy in its various forms (mechanical, thermal, electrical, chemical). Energy engineers will be able to interact with environmental, economic and regulatory aspects. The programme also prepares professionals in the field of renewable sources and major energy conversions, with in-depth studies on combined plants, cogeneration and nuclear (fusion and fission) plants, energy in buildings, heating and cooling systems.

The Programme has received the EUR-ACE accreditation (European Network for the Accreditation of Engineering Education) that provides a set of standards to identify high-quality Engineering degree programmes in Europe and abroad.

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Entry Requirements

Bachelor diploma (or equivalent)

A minimum three-year undergraduate degree (or equivalent) is required, with proven skills in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Thermodynamics, Heat transfer, Electrical and Mechanical engineering and languages, as illustrated in the Course Rule

Additional entry requirements: Entry title and GPA

English: B2 level (CEFR) or equivalent

Visit the programme website for further details.


Our tuition fees will not exceed 2700 euros per year. Scholarship and fee waivers are available for international students, for more information visit our website.

 Course Content

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Where will I study?

Where is University of Padua


Student Profile


My passion lies in promoting sustainable development through clean and affordable energy access. My professional goal is to be a designer and technical consultant for renewable energy systems, and work on electrification programs in rural areas.
I volunteer as technical support with LEDS for Africa, a student-led project that promotes sustainable access to renewable energy in developing countries. We are currently conducting a solar energy rural electrification project in Ponte Cabral, Guinea Bissau.

This specialized programme has provided me with an in-depth understanding of the technical and practical aspects of energy production, transmission, and utilization. I have learned about the fundamental principles of energy production and the physics of nuclear reactors, as well as the latest technologies and techniques used in the field. Additionally, I have gained knowledge about the safety and environmental issues associated with energy production.

I highly recommend Padua University to anyone interested in pursuing a career in fields related to energy, sustainability and technology. The cultural exposure, diversity, and experience provided by Padua University are priceless, making it an excellent choice for any student.
One of the most significant benefits of this Master is the vast potential for career advancement: the programme offers an exceptional hands-on experience and prioritizes academia-industry relationships. I have had the privilege of conducting various lab experiments and engaging with multiple technical and engineering companies in the Padua vicinity. This exposure has been instrumental in enabling me to make informed decisions about my specialization areas, thesis topic, and overall career goals.

I am also enamored of Padova thanks to its rich history and vibrant culture. Tracing back to ancient Roman times, the city is today home to several impressive historical and cultural landmarks: the renowned Scrovegni Chapel, the Basilica di Sant'Antonio, and the Palazzo della Ragione. As someone studying at the University of Padova, the fact that Galileo Galilei once taught here is a significant source of inspiration for me. The city has excellent transport connections and a well-organized transport system, which has made my travel experiences all the more enjoyable.

Padova exudes an energetic and vibrant atmosphere, thanks to its large student population. The youthful ambiance is further accentuated by the

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