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Endocrinology - MSc

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Part time September, March MSc 2 years

About the course

The online Endocrinology MSc provides a progression route for graduates of the Postgraduate Diploma.

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Entry Requirements

Entry to the two year Endocrinology MSc will require successful completion of the Endocrinology Postgraduate Diploma (120 credits). This can be from Diploma MSc, the University of South Wales or another UK university (having completed similar modules). We can discuss this with you during your application.

Individuals who have not completed the postgraduate diploma can apply for the Endocrinology MSc as a two year course consisting of eight modules (180 credits) with the first 120 credits deriving from the postgraduate diploma.

Entry requirements for the two-year course are as for the Postgraduate Diploma.


£3,900 (1 year)
£8,400 (2 years)

 Course Content

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Student Profile(s)

Fiona Anthonypillai MSc, Endocrine Nurse (GB)

The PGDip in Endocrinology has exposed me to various endocrine conditions, clinical scenarios and conundrums that stretched my knowledge further and prompted further reading. The more I learnt the more I realised how complex the subject area is. I gained a lot of information from the course which has consolidated the knowledge I already had whilst introducing me to less common endocrine conditions.

Feedback from tutors was constructive and prompt and the admin team were extremely helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am now in the process of undertaking the MSc in endocrinology. I would definitely recommend this course to others.

The online course suited me well as, although it was quite intensive, the case discussions were extremely valuable with tutor guidance. This suited my style of learning as it was active participation rather than passive attendance at lectures. Collaborating the group report with other students and undertaking the individual reports ensured that the subject areas were well researched. As the course was totally online based, there was no face to face interaction with fellow students. However, this was overcome by liaising with each other through the daily discussions and providing support to each other through the messaging facility.

Dr Mohamed Aly Elsherif MSc (QA)

Dr Elsherif is a practising endocrinologist in Dubai and wanted to formalise his knowledge by becoming certified in his specialty. At his Graduation Ceremony he explained why he chose Diploma MSc's MSc in Endocrinology: "I was recommended the course by a friend who had completed it and when I researched online the course looked very valuable. The fact I could complete the MSc in Endocrinology in 1 year made the course even more attractive."

Having not studied online before, Dr Elsherif initially found virtual learning strange and challenging to adapt to, but with the help of the Student Support Team, he quickly realised how useful it can be: "The Student Support Team played a key role in motivating me and showing me how learning online has some key benefits that make progressing your career alongside your job possible.”

Now Dr Elsherif in turn is more than happy to make the same recommendation as his friend: "As a doctor you are always learning, expanding your knowledge and upgrading your education, and this course's content and online nature is wonderful. Being able to learn alongside work is ideal as you can fit it around work schedules and implement what you're learning in clinic."

Dr Sankar Nath Jha MSc (IN)

Don't hesitate to join the course if you are a busy professional but have an urge to increase your knowledge. It's going to help you for sure.

Dr Haseena Hamdani PgDip, Tutor (BW)

"I strongly recommend these courses to others"

Dr Surekha Shetty MSc, Registrar (IN)

"It is a very strong format for online learning."

Dr Ernest Yorke MSc, Lecturer (GH)

"I completed the Postgraduate diploma course and the moved on to do the MSc in Endocrinology. The programme has enhanced my understanding of the subject."

Dr Sankar Nath Jha MSc (IN)

"Learning at your own time At your own pace with renowned academicians was a great experience. It helped me to boost my knowledge and self confidence and become a successful physician. Thanks a lot."

Dr Leena Kapoor PgDip (AE)

"Very comprehensive course well suited to working professionals."

Dr Antony Njeru PgDip (KE)

"Well designed courses. Up to date content.The medical course I had attended was specially designed for speciality learning and helped me in developing a career."

Dr Uzma Khan MSc (GB)

It is great way to increase once subject knowledge and it definitely helps in practice.

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