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  Digital Security - MSc

EURECOM    EURECOM Master of Science

Full time October MSc 2 years full time

About the course

The Master in Digital Security is designed for those wishing to become experts in the growing field of Digital Security in a comprehensive range of applications (System and Sotfware Security, Embedded systems Security, Forensics, Biometrics...)

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Entry Requirements

To be eligible, Candidates need; Bachelor's Degree (minimum 3 years of higher education) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Applied Mathematics; Strong foundations in mathematics; Certified B2 level in English. No requirement are needed in French as the program is fully taught in English.

 Course Content

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Where will I study?

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Student Profile(s)


"I definitely recommend EURECOM!

The university building is small and all students are exchange students, so the atmosphere is very positive and social.

The professors are from many different countries and are motivated to lecture and research.

The topics of the courses and research are timely and that boosts studying motivation.

Cote d'Azur as a location is awesome, because here we have only a few months of the "Finnish spring" and the rest of the time it is summer.
One should not fear the infamous bureaucracy of France, because there are many members of the staff of the university, that gladly assist with all the practicalities.

There are multiple opportunities to learn the French language, but knowing the language is not a requisite, as everything can be done in English."

Janita, Jomar, Eirik, Christian, Fredrik, Amund & Marius

We (Janita, Jomar, Eirik, Christian, Fredrik, Amund, Marius, and all) went to EURECOM in order to do something a bit different for our fourth year, and it turned out to be a great choice.

Here we get:

- Smaller courses of 5 or 3 credits, meaning you can get a quite broad spectrum.
- A great fit with the track we are taking back home - getting the course choices approved is not very difficult. (We are from elsys, komtek and data).
- A very international group of friends
- Good financial support from Erasmus, lånekassen and CAF.
- Super nice weather!

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I had a very memorable stay at EURECOM. We got a personal treatment from both, faculty and the administrative staff. I’m really grateful for that.

The first thing I noticed at EURECOM was such a colourful multicultural environment. That gives a knowhow about the world, a huge international platform for knowledge sharing. Regarding academics, the course content was updated. We were given a wide knowledge about many latest technologies. All the courses were very well designed and practically oriented.

Towards the end of my studies, I joined Hitachi's ICTL lab as a final semester intern. My work at Hitachi was closely related to EURECOM's research activities. I believe, EURECOM's industry oriented curriculum helped me a lot to mould my profile in accordance with the current job market requirements. Currently I'm working as a Software Consultant at Amadeus, which is the world's largest transaction processor for the global travel and tourism industry. EURECOM's alumni are truly global and widespread. Today, at this point of my career, I firmly believe EURECOM played a major role in my achievements and continues to give its students an edge in today's competitive job scenario. I thank EURECOM for the foundation and confidence it provided.

Thanks and Regards,


EURECOM is a top-ranked school of engineer and research lab within ICT area, located in Europe’s premier high-tech park Sophia-Antipolis, in one of the world’s attractions, the French Riviera. EURECOM is a joint-venture by some of Europe's leading Technical Universities and industry labs.

EURECOM is internationally recognized for its excellence into the Digital Science field and proposes 4 Master of science fully taught in English in:
- Internet Of Things,
- Digital Security,
- Data Science and Engineering,
- Intelligent Communciation Systems.

For our next 2023 fall intake (September 2023), EURECOM, with the support of the Institut Carnot, has established the EURECOM / Carnot TSN Excellence scholarship program open to outstanding and highly motivated students who wish to pursue a Master of Science with us and
who can demonstrate a proven appetite for research.

Candidate selection is based on excellence and motivation.

Info here:

Value of Scholarship(s)

5000 euros


1. Bachelor’s degree in a related field from a recognized top university;
2. Minimum Overall GPA score of 3.5/4 or belonging to the top 10% of your graduating class (an official document issued by your university that proves you are among the top 10% of your graduating class, such as a statement signed and stamped by your University, a reference letter, a class ranking certificate)
3. Be research-driven: to be able to demonstrate his/her appetite to undertake a PhD -preferably at EURECOM- after the Master (a short motivational letter for research and possible topic required)

Application Procedure

The application is done via the same online form than your application to a Master’s program (
It is however necessary to specify in your motivation letter that your profile should also be considered for one of the EURECOM-CARNOT TSN excellence scholarship and state clearly your high overall GPA, your appetite for research and the ranking of your university in one of the
rankings above mentioned.
Besides the normal application package, you will also be asked to upload three (3) additional “Excellence scholarship” specific documents:
1- Proof of excellence of your university (ex: screenshot of ranking webpage)
2- Your overall GPA or belonging to top 10% of your class (one page where the information
is highlighted)
3- One short letter describing your appetite for research and – if possible- the topic you
foresee (one page maximum).

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