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Business and Organizational Psychology

Steinbeis University Berlin    Institute of Executive Capabilities

Full time October, May MA 2 years

About the course

Our Study Concept

The dynamic developments in the economy and society and the consequent increasing demands on all aspects of working life require contemporary work and control skills. To meet the challenges, versatile educated professionals and managers are required which focused on the future with its economic and organizational psychology competence in the interaction between man and the economy.

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Entry Requirements

A recognized academic degree (from any field of studies) awarded by a university is required for enrolment.

Students are enrolled depending on their overall qualifications and the order of their applications. You can apply for a place on the course at any point in the year.

Your complete application should arrive the latest 8-weeks before the start of your studies.

The following documents are required for the application process:
- Latest updated CV (signed)
- Letter of Intent
- University certificate and transcripts


The Tuition Fees for the Master’s degree course are €622 per month, plus a one-off Administration and Enrolment Fee of €250

 Course Content

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Student Profile(s)

Trupti Kavathekar (HR Professional)

The delivery method of the study doesn’t have the rigidity of normal scholastic teaching methods and promotes actual learning from questioning than learning for the sake of tests/marks. Each module is carefully thought out considering the scope of issues and problems we deal with in organizations. It is very insightful to learn factual theories and practices related to organizational issues and prepare a knowledge bank for myself while looking for solutions in the real world.

Evangelista De Luca (Leader Budget and Headcount Planning)

The Study Program offers advanced methods to explore the state of organizations and unlock the hidden dynamics of the psychology of change, fundamental aspects in the age of acceleration. Those methods help me becoming an expert of the change and ultimately finding ad-hoc interventions to unleash individual and organizational potentials as people leader in the short term and as business coach in the future. The mix of academic Lectures, HR professionals and business consultants is definitely a winning formula offering multiple perspectives and stimulating the critical thinking of the students.

Kristina Galabova (HR and Technical Recruitment Consultant)

It is unique to have this opportunity to meet and cooperate with colleagues from all over the world. Personally, I believe the best part is to hear about the HR practices used in different countries and compare it with the environment I am currently exposed to. I would say that this degree makes my life very dynamic and I think that is the reason why I enjoy it a lot. On one hand, doing independent study might be challenging sometimes, however, with a good plan and a great persistence, it is possible, and I would personally say that it boosts my productivity since I need to be very efficient in the limited time I can devote on independent studying. On the other hand, it is exciting to look forward to the next in-class session in Berlin since it is refreshing to meet your colleagues and have the social and networking bite of the degree.

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