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Course content

What is the 'Master of Business Administration' all about?

Three majors

The majors not only deepen the knowledge but also broaden it and offer insight into the selected management domain. In your Master's thesis you will carry out scientific research into a business-relevant or economic subject. The Master's thesis is the conclusion of your degree course. It gives you the opportunity to display your analytical attitude as well as your ability to synthesise and your oral and written communication skills.


The programme provides you with an overview of the many different aspects of management of organisations and companies. Are you planning on launching an international business career? Are you eager to work for a company or an organisation that operates on an international scale? Do you like international (strategic) management, international strategic decision making, international marketing, entrepreneurship, business processes and operations? The IBM major is tailored to students seeking a business-oriented, hands-on, critical, and problem-oriented approach to education. Students are challenged to study and work in a multicultural team.


For students with a strong interest in the general operation of industrial processes and the related information technology they require. Business information managers lead IT projects and supervise new IT systems. In the world of ICT, three things matter most: the right information shared in the right place with the right people. Students in the BIM major have an eye for both the overall picture and specific details. They have strong social skills, and excel at building bridges between users, managers and technical ICT experts. These are precisely the skills developed in this major. Students in the BIM are interested and, ideally, well-versed in technology, computers and networks. However, the focus is not on hardware or technical aspects, but on developing and evaluating information systems. There is a high demand in the industry for competent people who are willing and able to think creatively and logically about information systems. You will be trained to find solutions quickly and to explain them clearly to users.


The International Relations (IR) major is embedded in the context of global economics and business life. It takes a practical-analytical approach to the study of multinationals

and is embedded in a sound theoretical framework. It covers international management and marketing techniques as well as international socio-economic analysis and monetary economics. Students in the IR major particularly develop insight into the role of governments in international relations and business. The IR major is built on three international pillars: an economic pillar (what is the economic environment in which an international firm operates?); a business pillar (how does an international firm operate in this environment?); and a political/legal pillar (which political and legal aspects does an international firm have to take into account?).

Truly international 

Our MBA will challenge you to meet and work closely with students from other cultures and nationalities. The diversity of our programme is impressive.

Business oriented 

We invite international managers and government officials to share their experiences with students at guest lectures and business seminars held throughout the year.

In the heart of Europe

Learn business where business is done! Brussels is the economic heart of Europe. As a business hub, Brussels has a central position in Europe and it hosts the EU and the NATO, as well as diverse range of international trade and finance organisations.

Brussels is where hundreds of multinational corporations have their head offices and where many important political and economic decisions are made. Your campus is in the middle of this decision-making centre: a head start for launching your career.

Centrally located

The campus is located in the heart of Brussels, only a five-minute walk from Brussels Central train station, with several metro (underground) connections in the immediate vicinity.


Our MBA's interdisciplinary approach prepares you to address and solve business problems by drawing on insights and experiences from multiple disciplines and perspectives - often as a member of a team. In this way, the MBA emulates the real business world and leverages input from a multitude of cultural backgrounds and worldviews.

International experience

The Master of Business Administration is international not only in focus and content, but also in terms of student population. As the language of instruction is English, students from all over the world attend, which allows for intercultural interaction on a daily basis.

If you haven't had the chance to study abroad before, or if you want to have another international experience under your belt, you can add an extra semester abroad to your programme. In that case, apply for a place at one of our many European partners or more limited set of non-European partners. Eligibility and selection depend on your study progress, academic results, your language proficiency and motivation.

Career perspectives

Thanks to your general business background combined with your specialism you as a business administrator can work in a wide range of positions at companies or organisations. The international character of your degree programme is an asset.

The International Business Management major prepares graduates for management positions in finance, administration and commerce. Employment opportunities are numerous and diverse. Many graduates choose to pursue a career in the financial sector or in management consultancy firms.

The Business Information Management major prepares graduates for management positions in ICT. The demand for driven managers with ICT expertise continues to grow. Our graduates go on to positions as business consultants, business process engineers, project leaders, system analysts, functional analysts, information analysts, system designers/administrators, network and data administrators.

The International Relations major prepares graduates for management positions in international organisations, NGOs, government, multinational enterprises and local organisations with a global perspective. Graduates have keen insight into international economic and political realities and are thus also well-positioned for careers in banking and international business.

Visit the Business Administration (Brussels) MBA page on the KU Leuven website for more details!




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