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University of Tartu    Masters Programmes

Full time September MSc 2 years
Biological Sciences (4) Engineering (12)

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Are you interested in the exciting field of Bioengineering? The University of Tartu offers a top-notch Master's programme that will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in various biotechnology industries. With a curriculum that combines applied biotechnology, synthetic biology, engineering, and information technology, you'll gain practical experience in industrial bioprocesses, fermentation, and biomedical technologies. The programme also offers internships with leading biotechnology companies. Entry requirements include a Bachelor's degree in natural and exact sciences or medicine, as well as English language proficiency. Don't miss the opportunity to join the rapidly growing field of industrial biotechnology and explore global career opportunities!

About the course

The main aim of the master's programme in Bioengineering is to educate specialists with skills and knowledge that will help them find jobs and contribute to the success of various companies working in industrial or medical biotechnology, circular bioeconomy, bioprocessing, etc. 

The graduates will understand and have practical experience covering the main industrial bioprocesses, fermentation, biological systems, industrial biotechnology, and biomedical technologies. The curriculum emphasises practical training and provides internships in various companies active in biotechnology and biomedical technology.

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Entry Requirements

- Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification (must be obtained by the end of July) in the natural and exact sciences or the field of medicine
- English language proficiency


6,000 EUR per year

 Course Content

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Student Profile

Rashali Pieris

Why did you choose to study this programme?

Having done my bachelor’s in Chemistry and Microbiology, I was very eager to expand my understanding of the field and I found the diverse range of subjects, the curriculum of the programme and the practical modules very intriguing and exciting. The prestigious, historic but the modernised character of the university, the fascinating new research, and the reputable researchers affiliated with the university, the university’s environment, and the student life at Tartu were also influential in my decision to apply for my master’s in Tartu. The curriculum is very up-to-date and current, addressing a broad spectrum of theories and principles relevant to tackling current issues on the environmental, medical, technological, economic, and industrial fronts and more. In my opinion, the vast array of topics covered while also taking deep dives into more prevalent issues such as cancer treatment is what’s truly exceptional and remarkable about this course. I strongly believe that the experience, knowledge, skill, and expertise I gain from this programme will help me achieve my ambition to become a fully equipped scientist and academic scholar.

Why Estonia?

Initially what drew my attention to Estonia was its exceptional economic, academic and social standing despite it being the smallest of all Baltic States. The cultural inclusivity and diversity here, coupled with the vastly dynamic technology, rapid progression in the research arena, and its growing economy made me realise that Estonia would be a great study destination to continue my studies and understand the direction the world is headed because I believe that such understanding is needed for any professional in the scientific field. The distinct advantage Estonia offers in that respect is quite alluring. In addition to that, the environment, the people, and the opportunities available for students to develop soft skills and the high quality of life in Estonia, makes it a splendid destination for students. I am more than happy that I received the honour of studying at the University of Tartu. I strongly believe that this experience will be an adventure that I will cherish for a lifetime both academically and personally.


Most of the English-taught master´s programmes, still not all, offer student places with a tuition waiver. A tuition waiver student place means that the student does not have to pay the tuition fee if the nominal study load requirement is met. The nominal study load is completed if no more than six credits are missing from the 30 ECTS workload per semester. If students on tuition-waiver student places fail to complete a sufficient amount of credits per semester, they have to pay for the credits not earned.

Value of Scholarship(s)

3800 - 9000 EUR


You must be admitted to the University of Tartu. Eligibility criteria depends on the programme.

Application Procedure

All applicants to English-taught master´s programmes are automatically considered for the scholarship, and no additional application is needed. The tuition-waiver student places are allocated at the time of admission according to the general admission ranking list. It will be noted in the admission letter whether a student is granted a tuition-waiver or a tuition fee-based student place (need to pay for studies).

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