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Full time & Part time August MSc 1.5 - 2 years

About the course

There is an enormous and growing demand for AI professionals across all sectors of society. This artificial intelligence master's degree is designed for students with an interest in various AI sectors from various educational backgrounds.

You will develop well-rounded skill-sets in designing, developing, and deploying AI systems, and also in understanding and analyzing AI’s impact on policy and society. A rich set of core courses prepare you with essential technical skills and knowledge.

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Entry Requirements

Possession of equivalent of a US Bachelor's degree; GRE required for individuals with degrees from international universities.

 Course Content

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Where will I study?

Where is Rochester Institute of Technology USA



Graduate scholarships and assistantships are awarded based on merit - the strength of an applicant's qualifications as compared to those of other applicants for the same program. Assistantships are awarded at the discretion of the academic program department and are typically awarded once students are enrolled.

In 2021-2022, RIT awarded $37 million in graduate scholarships and tuition aid to 2,800 graduate students. Scholarships award amounts generally range from 5-60% of tuition. The average scholarship is 30% of tuition.

Value of Scholarship(s)

5-60% of tuition


All applicants for on-campus graduate study are eligible. Awards are made once an admission decision is made and applicants are notified of scholarship awards at the same time they receive an offer of admission. International applicants have the same opportunity for awards and award amounts as do US students.

Application Procedure

No separate application is required. Answer two Yes/No questions on the application for admission.

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