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Masters Degrees in Organisational Development, Austria

We have 2 Masters Degrees in Organisational Development, Austria

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Technicians, scientists, pharmacists or even lawyers, all of them are already an expert in their field of study. So why would they consider a MBA program?. Read more

Technicians, scientists, pharmacists or even lawyers, all of them are already an expert in their field of study. So why would they consider a MBA program? A Master of Business Administration strengthens leadership and social competences and provides participants with legal and economic know-how. MBAs, thus, prepare new leaders for taking over more responsibilites and managing positions.

The Program

The General Management MBA is your kick-off to a career in business! The successful MBA Program is conducted by TU Wien in cooperation with Danube University Krems. While Danube University Krems offers ten years' experience in post-graduate management education, TU Wien provides special expertise in business education for engineering and natural science majors.

Contents: 1st academic year

The first-year program focuses on teaching economic basic knowledge and on processes and tools of general management:

  • Accounting & Controlling
  • Management Science
  • Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management
  • Marketing & Competition Strategy
  • Corporate Finance
  • European and International Business Law
  • Managerial Economics
  • Communication Skills & Social Competence

Contents: 2nd academic year

You can individually organize the third semester according to your needs and interests and choose modules from the 4 specialization options stated below (25 ECTS in total). For example, you may combine classes in Vienna and Krems with one study abroad (depending on availability). The fourth semester is dedicated to writing a practice-oriented master thesis.

1 Specialization in Vienna & Krems

The third semester is held in English. Based on the first year, the specialization builds upon the general management knowledge. Currently, the contents consist of topics in Financial Management, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship and Advanced Business Planning. The contents of the specialization modules are regularly adapted according to the changing requirements of managers.

2 Specialization at a Partner University abroad

In the second year, students have the opportunity to study for one semester at the renowned Baruch College in New York City. The students will be fully immersed in the host university program during their stay. Expenses for travelling and accommodation are not included in the MBA program fee.

3 Study Trip Abroad (Duration: 1 week – 10 days)

Destinations are adapted each year, depending on availability and included 2017 f.x.:

  • Study Trip to Colorado (Subject: Authentic Leadership & Business Ethics)
  • Study Trip to Vancouver (Subject: Venture Capital, Merger & Acquisition)
  • Study Trip to Lisbon (Subject: Excelling in Leadership)
  • Study Trip to Stanford (Subject: Entrepreneurship & Innovation)

Further Information on the study trips: https://gm-mba.tuwien.ac.at/study_abroad/studienreisen/

Target Group

For most recent graduates, leadership and assuming management responsibilities are goals and challenges at the same time. Executives in general management positions are responsible for budgets; they must understand competition, organizational issues and human resources - all of which requires sound business education in addition to professional studies. The General Management MBA program offers the possibility of acquiring basic business, legal and social knowledge while preparing for a career in management.

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Schumpeter for the 21st century. Conducting business in an entrepreneurial way and having the capacity for innovation are the most important competitive factors in many business sectors today. Read more

Schumpeter for the 21st century

Conducting business in an entrepreneurial way and having the capacity for innovation are the most important competitive factors in many business sectors today. To this end, the Austrian-born economist, Joseph Schumpeter, created the term "creative destruction": The stronger incessantly pushes the weaker. The existing economic structure is altered through innovation. Companies failing to rise to this challenge disappear from the market place. However, anyone determining the rules of the game as an innovator, not only generates wealth and social benefits, but may also achieve a temporary monopoly profit.

Innovations are not just the rare, trailblazing "break-throughs". Value is alos generated from companies by creative product improvements, altered processes, new markets and more intelligent organizational syltes. Entrepreneurial opportunities are constantly arising in technologies and markets, and many ideas are just waiting for their commercial implementation. The ability to make use of them will become a key qualification for executives and managers. It is particularly at the interface between economics and technology that there lies a great deal of unexplored potential.

The Program

The Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation provides the appropriate skills and techniques, and thereby teaches entrepreneurial thinking and acting. The lecturers are internationally renowned experts. The organizers, the TU Wien and the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), represent the link between technological excellence and business competence. This Professional MBA is an important step in the transfer of cutting-edge knowledge and management skills at the highest international level.

In this program, innovation is understood as the process through which knowledge and creativity lead to product or service changes. Entrepreneurship is then the process through which knowledge and creativity generate new ways of delivering these products and services, either through a new organization or through reformation of an existing enterprise.


The Professional MBA Program comprises of general economic science modules and specialist in-depth modules. The basic modules of economic science raise all of the participants to a common level of sound, fundamental economic knowledge and serve as quality assurance for knowledge that has already been acquired.

  • Managing People and Organizations
  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Managerial Economics and Decision Analysis
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Marketing and Markets
  • Operations and IT
  • Leadership and Ethics

In the second year, the professional specialization and immersion in the subject matter take place. The final part of the MBA Program serves for the consolidation and integration of what has been learned, as well as the writing of a practically-orientated Master's Thesis.

  • Sources of Innovation
  • Strategy of Innovation
  • Marketing of Innovation
  • Organization of Innovation
  • Financing and Controlling of Innovation
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Master's Thesis

For further information on the contents on the general as well as specialization modules, please visit https://www.tu-wu-innovation.at/program/curriculum/

Field study

To provide the participants with some special insights into the Amercian way of doing business and pushing innovation, a field trip to the Boston area is also an essential part of this MBA program. The schedule will include lectures at the MIT Sloan School of Management and the Harvard Business School as well as meetings with venture capitalists, business angels, founders of start-ups and much more. For futher information on the field trips, please visit https://www.tu-wu-innovation.at/program/field_study/

Target Group

The Professional MBA Program is aiming mainly at people operating at the gateway between technology and economy and those who want to operate in this area in the future:

  • Employees of companies or self-employed that have placed or tend to place themselves as innovation leaders
  • Engineers, Natural Scientists and Economists working in the fields of product marketing and product controlling with leadership experience
  • Employees who have made the first steps in their career and want to be prepared to take over an interdisciplinary, innovation oriented management position

Potential founders with technological background

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