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Master's in Environmental and Society Studies. How can we work towards a sustainable future? There are plenty of new sustainable technologies, smart governmental instruments and new ideas on organising the market to become more sustainable, but very often we don’t use them. Read more
IN BRIEF. Obtain the skills, training and qualifications you need to become a wildlife conservation scientist. Opportunity to travel overseas. Read more
Immerse yourself in the world of emergent digital technologies. Integrating science, technology and art, we’ve created a multi-disciplinary, research-focused environment in which you can develop your own personal digital practice. Read more
Did you know the tourism industry is a major contributor to the global economy? It accounted for 9.8% of world GDP in 2015 and supports 284 million people in employment, the equivalent of 1 in 11 jobs on the planet. . Read more
Should translated literature be entirely faithful to the original text, or should the translation be creative in its attempt not to lose the poetry of the work? How can translation account for double entendre or other wordplay? Is it possible to translate experimental literature which ignores conventional grammar rules?. Read more
To protect our finite planet in the face of infinite human ambition, environmental strategy is a necessity. Our MSc in Environmental Strategy is run by our Centre for Environment and Sustainability – a pioneering centre for environmental and sustainability-related research and postgraduate teaching. Read more
As our world rapidly progresses, how can we better protect our planet?. In the wake of the 2015 United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals, our MSc in Sustainable Development gives you the knowledge to help organisations towards a greener future. Read more
With only a small percentage of the planet's diversity formally described by science, it is more important than ever to train a new generation of taxonomists who will go on to describe, understand and conserve biodiversity. Read more
In addition to mathematical and meteorological experts, this program will take advantage of the multidisciplinary expertise from the recently established UCD Earth Institute and the newly employed programme director Dr. Read more
The world’s climate is rapidly changing due to global warming, and will continue to do so for the decades and centuries ahead. This poses major challenges for future agricultural systems to provide food and other bioresources for the 9 billion people that will occupy the planet by 2050. Read more
Drive the next generation of audio technology with the help of this distinctive masters programme. Read more
Goal of the pro­gramme. Sustaining a growing population on our dynamic planet requires deep understanding of geological and geophysical processes within the Earth, and of how they interact with the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biota. Read more
Programme Information. Accredited by CIPD, HR Certification Institute and aligned with the Society for Human Resource Management, this programme prepares students with a non-business background for business challenges. Read more
As our planet faces unprecedented environmental, social, and economic crises, we are all being challenged to make dramatic changes not only in our knowledge and values, but also in our culture and institutions. Read more
About the Course. This 1 year course leads to an internationally recognised MRes qualification that provides training in transferable skills essential for those wishing to pursue post-graduate PhD, commercial or industrial research opportunities. Read more

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