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Studying International Management at EBC Hochschule means for you. - to study business in English in one of the world’s strongest economies. Read more
Studying International Management at EBC Hochschule means for you:

- to study business in English in one of the world’s strongest economies
- to learn how the practitioners do it – each professor was or still is in a leading position in the business world
- to learn in a professional yet personal environment
- the chance to gain extensive international experience by studying one or two semesters at one of our partner universities with a double-degree option
- to have a broad range of specialization opportunities to customize your professional profile


Compulsory: International Management & Business Law (I + II)// International Management III// International Business Control// Corporate Finance// Global Supply Chain Management// Customer Management// Strategic Marketing// Sales Management

Electives: HR-Management// HR-Development// Organizational Change// Executive Office & Start-Up Management// Innovation & Service Management// New Media Management

Skill Development: Advanced Skills (I + II + III)// Leadership Assessment// Business Summer School// Company Training or Research Project// Leadership Development



German degrees are recognized all over the world for their academic and professional quality.

We prepare you to work for:

- global players
- small and medium sized companies with a strong focus on export
- international offices of German companies
- consulting companies


Please hand in

completed application form including attachments
tabular résumé
attested proof of higher education entrance qualification
attested proof and certificate of first academic degree (Bachelor’s, Diplom, Master’s etc.) with a final grade of at least good (2.5 on a German grading scale); in the case of the minimum score not having been achieved, a letter of recommendation from a university is required highlighting the student’s particular eligibility for the Master’s degree course.
in the case of a university degree obtained in another country: appropriate documents in German or English (translated where necessary by an officially recognized translation service)
proof of the necessary business relevance of former obtained degree
proof of proficiency in English, in the case of non-native speakers at the language competency levels of B2 (TOEFL 87 p.; Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English: FCE; TOIEC 605 p.; IELTS 6 p. or other internationally recognized proof of a CERFL level B2)
Send them via email to international-admissionsebc-hochschule.de and to uni-assist.

Uni assist controls the legitimacy of your documents and your eligibility to enter the German higher education system. This process takes about six weeks. Since we want to speed up things, we will do a fast pre-check of your documents and proceed already with the application process.

If you have successfully completed your Bachelor’s degree or Diplom at a university with a background in economic science you do not need any additional business administration qualifications for admission. Rather you will be admitted to the Master’s degree course following the selection process. If you only have a limited business administration foundation or none at all, you will be required to furnish proof thereof before beginning the course of studies.

There are no additional special requirements in terms of prior education. The Master’s degree course is open equally to applicants with professional experience.

Given that the pre-check is positive, we will invite you to our “EBC entrance assessment”.

EBC Hochschule determines a student’s aptitude for the course in question via a selection process, in particular by a personal interview in which the applicant's motivation and suitability are assessed. If it is not possible for you to interview in person, we will arrange an interview via Skype extra for you.

NTT DATA and Michel Page International cooperate with us on the programme

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The Master in Arts Management offers a unique learning experience preparing students to embark on a management career in the arts and creative industry. Read more

The Master in Arts Management offers a unique learning experience preparing students to embark on a management career in the arts and creative industry. The one-year program aims at developing skills and providing tools to deal with the new challenges of the domains of both the visual and performing arts, with an international perspective.

Learning objectives

The main goals of the program are:

● Build and strengthen basic knowledge and understanding of History of Art (visual and performing arts), with particular attention to the contemporary world and the international scene

● Build and strengthen competence in economics and management and as it applies to the cultural industry

● Build and strengthen competence in legislative transmit and reinforce the legislative competences and their application to the cultural field, in an international perspective

● To contribute to the advancement of cultural institutions and companies in Italy and abroad, by fostering interests for Art and its proliferation

Career opportunities & professional recognition

The Master’s qualification in Arts Management will open up professional opportunities in the fields of Organization, Marketing and Communications, Accounting, Legal Affairs, Projects and Events Management in cultural institutions and companies. Other professional opportunities are to be found in consulting and service companies in the fields of promotion, communication and management of cultural events, products and services.


Core Courses

  • History of visual Arts: The course is meant to provide students with the necessary knowledge and understanding of modern and contemporary art.
  • Performing Arts history: Music: the course will give students a foundation for understanding some of the basic relationships between Music History and Society. Theatre: the course will briefly explore the history of European theater from the Early Modern age to nowadays, focusing on political, social and economic aspects.
  • Visual Arts System: This course will give students a large and differentiated overview of contemporary effective practices for managing visual arts.
  • Performing Art System: The course aims at providing students with a wide view of the performing arts system, through the elaboration of a critical interpretation of its multiple features, from traditional roots to technological perspectives; but also from the production of cultural value to the entertainment trap, from public institutional and financial protection to market orientation. 

Advanced Courses

The goals of the advanced courses are to build up competencies in specific fields of arts management in order to provide participants with advanced knowledge about how to solve problems and cope with the challenges of the arts field

  • Cultural Policy: cultural policy will be discussed from historical and international perspectives in order to focus on the main policy challenges when managing arts organizations
  • Marketing for the Arts: marketing policies and practices for cultural organizations will be covered, ranging from for-profit to non-profit cultural organizations
  • HR and Leadership in the creative Industries: organization forms for cultural industries, project management tools and the most advanced people management topics will be discussed during the course
  • Fundraising in the Arts Industry: accounting principles and contemporary fundraising tools for non-profit and cultural organizations will be discussed and applied
  • Law and the Arts: relevant and most up-to-date criminological knowledge about the empirical dimension of offences against both movable and immovable cultural property, at both national and international level will be covered
  • Media in the Arts: the role of technology, especially new media, in changing the business and organizational model of cultural institutions will be analyzed
  • Finance and Art Market:This course will give students a foundation for understanding the structure and various segments of today’s ever-evolving international art market.
  • Strategy in the Arts:This course will give students a foundation for understanding principles and practices of strategy and accounting in Arts and Culture Organizations (ACOs). 

Team Building Activities

The goals of team building activities is to help participants know each other and create a collaborative atmosphere in class. Moreover, these activities will introduce participants to Milano and its cultural assets. Team building will include:

● Dinner with the class and the Master Faculty

● Team building experiences to know your class

● Guest speeches from established professionals in the field


To complete the Master in Arts Management, participants are required to carry out a three-months internship in a cultural institutions or company in one of the above mentioned fields. They will have the chance to be included in the Master Curricu- lum Vitae book, that will be transmitted to the major institutions and organizations in Italy and abroad.

An international learning experience

Located in the unique city of Milan which contributes to a valuable international perspective. This glowing city allows students to merge the learning experience with the cultural atmosphere of the city. Students will have the opportunity to practice their knowledge through field projects and internships even beyond the classroom.

Trained faculty

A national and international academic and professional faculty using teaching methods that foster an interactive and hands-on approach to issues of cultural heritage management.


All scholarships are assigned on a merit basis and will be mostly given to students who apply by the priority deadline. Some scholarships may also target specific geographic regions.

Scholarship value: €2500

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