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Rigorous. Relevant. Real. Relational. Become an accredited supervisor and an expert in coaching supervision. Make a difference to your practice today. Read more
Rigorous. Relevant. Real. Relational.

Become an accredited supervisor and an expert in coaching supervision.

Make a difference to your practice today. Our next intake is April 2018.

While coaching is about you as a person, supervision explores the nature of your relationship with the people you coach and your developing practice.

To download brochure click here


Find out more about our ‘Trust and Safety in Supervision’ research, conducted by Ashridge in Spring 2016.

Supervision makes an important contribution to the professional development and quality assurance of consultants and executive coaches. It can be a key differentiator in the marketplace and is increasingly central to many formal consulting and coaching qualifications.

About the programme

This 14-month part-time programme was developed by experienced practitioners who have a combination of supervision, research, psychological and organisation development (OD) experience.

The qualification will give you the skills, credibility and confidence to offer a new service to your clients. It is designed to build your status as a senior practitioner and supervisor of coaches and consultants.

Aimed at experienced OD consultants and executive coaches, this is an opportunity to be supervised on any aspect of your work, individually and as part of a group of equally experienced coaches. You will learn how to supervise other consultants and coaches effectively.

As with all Ashridge coaching programmes, this programme takes a relational perspective. It develops your theoretical knowledge of the psychological underpinnings of supervision and your critical evaluation of supervision models and theories.

The programme is a natural follow-on from the Masters in Executive Coaching https://www.ashridge.org.uk/qualifications/masters-in-executive-coaching/ and the Masters in Organisational Change https://www.ashridge.org.uk/qualifications/masters-in-organisational-change/
It is structured around three modules. The first two are based on a series of six intensive workshops, spread across the 14 months - each lasting two days. The third is the accreditation module.

Ashridge Approach to Supervision

The Ashridge perspective on coaching and consulting supervision has been the subject of a number of articles and publications. We also run Coaching Supervision sessions which either form part of the qualification or can be purchased individually.

Ashridge sees supervision as an essential quality assurance process for coaches and consultants. It ensures that the client benefits from a professional consultant who is equipped with the insight and personal resourcefulness to make a difference.

We believe that the power and effectiveness of supervision stems from the possibility for new scrutiny and fresh perspectives.

We take a broadly relational perspective on supervision, based on personal experience of effective coaching and the themes and issues at the core of the process.

This is based on the following core principles:
‌•Human beings are deeply motivated to be in relationships with others, so part of what we (consultant and supervisor) hope to get from this relationship is to repeat our previous relational patterns and through awareness of these, create better patterns both inside and outside the coaching space
‌•All content of supervision can be seen as relational, i.e. supervisees are continually, even if subliminally, linking relationships elsewhere (real and imagined) to this one
‌•This supervisory relationship is worth constantly exploring because of the rich learning it can offer
‌•The supervisee’s experience of the supervisory relationship is worth enhancing.

Benefits to you

‌•If you run your own consulting practice, you will be benefit by:
‌•Being able to offer supervision as well as finely-tuned coaching skills to individuals and organisations
‌•Having the Ashridge accreditation quality stamp to give clients the added reassurance that you can offer high-level supervision
‌•Having more confidence in your abilities and being able to introduce new knowledge and skills in your daily work.
‌•If you work for an organisation, it will benefit from:
‌•The new practices that you can share with colleagues and/or your organisation’s clients
‌•Your supervision work - a useful differentiator for the business
‌•Added credibility thanks to your Ashridge accreditation
‌•Your increased self-awareness, knowledge and network could make you a candidate for senior level positions in the organisation.

Find out more about The Ashridge Difference https://www.ashridge.org.uk/qualifications/the-ashridge-difference/ and what makes an Ashridge Masters so relevant to business today.

Alternatively, read our participant case studies https://www.ashridge.org.uk/qualifications/postgraduate-certificate-in-advanced-coaching-and/participant-insights/ to find out how this qualification has benefitted them.

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Advance your leadership skills and develop your business acumen in the creative industries. Building on our 35-year experience of running one of the world's leading, triple-accredited MBA programmes, this Executive MBA can be studied online with attendance at four residential weeks over two years. Read more
Advance your leadership skills and develop your business acumen in the creative industries.

Building on our 35-year experience of running one of the world's leading, triple-accredited MBA programmes, this Executive MBA can be studied online with attendance at four residential weeks over two years.

It is for busy professionals either already working in the creative sector or looking to make the transition into the sector, who wish to gain the strategic skills and knowledge required to respond to increased digitisation and globalisation.

To download brochure click here


The programme is designed and taught by Ashridge Executive Education with the expertise and contribution from two experienced industry partners: Creative Skillset and Atticus Education. An Advisory Board of senior executives from the creative industries including advertising, publishing, film and television provides extensive industry knowledge, experience and support for this qualification.

Credibility and expertise

This brand new Executive MBA is brought to you by triple-accredited Ashridge Business School. One of only 1% of business schools globally to be accredited by AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB, Ashridge provides the assurance of quality, credibility and relevance.

Creative Skillset http://creativeskillset.org/ is the UK-wide strategic skills body that works to ensure that the UK's creative industries have continued access now and in the future to the skills and talent they require. Their unrivalled knowledge of the creative industries has ensured that this Executive MBA is directly relevant and fills the skills gap in the need for strategic management expertise.
This qualification is also supported by an Advisory Board of industry experts. Find out more about our Advisory Board https://www.ashridge.org.uk/qualifications/executive-mba-for-the-creative-industries/faculty/advisory-board/

Who is it for?

Whether you are a freelancer, mid-career professional, business owner or entrepreneur, the Ashridge Executive MBA for the Creative Industries is a strategic programme for professionals wishing to lead, establish or grow their role and their business in the fast-paced, changing environment of the creative industries. To apply, you must have a minimum of 3 years’ work experience plus a Bachelor degree, or a minimum of 5 years’ work experience without a degree. English must be at IELTS 7.0 level or equivalent for those for whom English is not their first language. The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is not mandatory but may be required in certain circumstances. Work experience in the creative industries is not essential, but you will need to be able to base your assignments on a relevant organization during the programme.

What will you learn?

This is a general MBA including all the main subjects of strategic management: marketing, finance, operations, leadership, strategy, global management, sustainability, economics and innovation. However, resources for each subject are tailored to ensure they are relevant to the creative industries. In addition, you can use your own organization as the basis for your learning and your assignments, to ensure direct relevance and practical application while you study. There are no exams, just assignments and a final business-based masters project, so your organization may even benefit from free consultancy! This is of particular value if you are looking for company sponsorship for your studies. The four residential weeks will include development of personal and leadership skills which are more effective when practiced face-to-face. While studying online, you will have the opportunity to interact with your tutor and your peers through discussion forums, privately and in the virtual classroom.

Flexibility and innovation

This is an online MBA that can be studied in your own time to fit around busy work schedules, especially important in the creative industries. The online study planner will outline the study schedule, key deadlines and dates for online interactive sessions. You will then be able to draw on the extensive online resources, including state-of-the-art video material from Atticus Education and access to the MBA Learning Zone and Virtual Ashridge. Here you will find numerous databases of thousands of articles, industry journals, company reports, and e-books which are all freely available to support your studies. Although focused around distance learning, you will be expected to attend four residential weeks, two per year, to gain the key soft skills required to support the academic elements of the MBA. Three of these weeks will be at Ashridge Business School, near London, UK and one will be outside of the UK.

Why gain an Executive MBA?

Here are some reasons why you might be looking to gain an Executive MBA qualification:

‌•Career progression in your organisation
‌•Change career
‌•Start your own business
‌•Consolidate your experience.
‌•To improve in a strategic role
‌•To move into a strategic role
‌•To move into general management from a specialist function
‌•To lead the business in a new direction.

Watch the videos from our current students and alumni to see why they chose to study for the Ashridge MB: https://www.ashridge.org.uk/qualifications/mba-executive-mba/participant-insights/

How to Apply


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Change agents are facing volatile disruption in the world. This provides risks for many and opportunities for those that can sense, seize and adapt effectively. Read more
Change agents are facing volatile disruption in the world. This provides risks for many and opportunities for those that can sense, seize and adapt effectively. Many change practitioners have realised that change and innovation is predominantly a socio-technological phenomenon and that the standard approaches don't work back in their organisations.

This two-year part-time programme has been designed by experienced practitioners to meet the needs of their peers. You will explore different perspectives on organisations, change and new approaches grounded in years of practical experience as well as sound academic research.

To download brochure click here


Programme content

You will gain a deeper understanding of the global challenges and issues that are shaping the territory of change. You will discover how a change agent can intervene complex systems, co-create cultures of change and innovation for a better world, and be given practical tools to help lead change and innovation back in the workplace.

Ashridge encourages a step change in our participants' practice based on three things:
1. a better understanding of the global challenges and trends and how this impacts their organisations
2. a better understanding of change in complex systems and how to set the conditions for change and innovation
3. a disciplined focus on application and how to work with change and innovation, accelerated through the practice of action research.


Faculty leading the new Change Masters comprise experienced Change practitioners and consultants and are all experts in challenging and supporting individuals. They immerse themselves in the group which instantly creates a supportive, engaging and robust learning environment. While faculty act as facilitators/observers, thy accompany you on your learning journey, rather than being remote specialists. The atmosphere is of debate and dialogue, rather than teaching and telling.

“In a world where the demand for management qualifications is well served, this programme meets the growing need for a reputable qualification in the practice of organisational change, intervention, and leadership.” Steve Marshall, Programme co-designer.

Who is the programme for?

The programme is designed for leaders that realise we are going through a period of considerable challenges of disruption and sustainability. Typically participants will be experienced leaders, senior managers, executive coaches, consultants or facilitators. We welcome practitioners who are not interested in imposing change but rather willing to explore new avenues of making 'good' change and innovation on a system and organisational level.

Learning environment

This innovative degree offers participants a blending learning experience. It is delivered using a mixture of face-to-face workshops, compulsory online workshops and seminars, and through virtual discussios with other students. Workshops take place at Ashridge, an inspiring environment condusive to reflection and learning, which helps participants to open up to each other and create a community within a short space of time. Time and time again, participants tell us that Ashridge is the ultimate place to reflect and re-charge. In addition, the classrooms are designed to encourage round table discussions and peer-to-peer learning.

How to Apply

Start date: Spring 2018

Details on how to apply for this programme can be found to the right of this page. Following the receipt of your application, we aim to send you notification of the decision or a request for further information within five working days. We will acknowledge receipt of your application by email.

Offers of admission are made on a rolling basis, in line with the next available start date. Please be aware that it is not possible to admit participants the programme once it has started so we advise you to apply early to avoid disappointment.
As part of the application process, you should provide electronic or physical copies of all degree and professional certificates that are referenced in your application form.

Attending taster events and/or webinars
In order to help you decide if this is the right programme for you, and Ashridge is the best place for you to study, we would strongly recommend that you attend a webinar or an Ashridge Event https://www.ashridge.org.uk/qualifications/masters-in-change-for-the-future/events-and-webinars/ before you complete your application.

Alternatively, we can arrange for you to speak to members of the faculty team either face-to-face or by phone. Please contact our Admissions Team on Tel. +44 (0)1442 841120 or .

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Are you new to the business world or are you a seasoned professional? Regardless of your experience, the 100% online Masters in Management will equip you with the practical skills to move your career to the next level. Read more

Online Masters in Management:

Are you new to the business world or are you a seasoned professional? Regardless of your experience, the 100% online Masters in Management will equip you with the practical skills to move your career to the next level.

This qualification focuses on immediate practical application and will enable you to transfer insight and knowledge to your organisation through live assignments and case studies.

To download brochure click here


Start dates: January, April, July, and October every year

How the Masters in Management can benefit you

‌•This online degree is suitable for working professionals like you who want:
‌•To earn a relevant Masters degree that helps make an immediate impact in your job and for your organisation
‌•To learn in a modern online environment that is flexible around your schedule
‌•To focus on a specific area or challenge in your organisation
‌•To be more effective in your current job


Delivered 100% online, the Ashridge Masters in Management provides a high-level qualification that will make a real impact on you and your organisation from day one.

Through our innovative learning platform you can access programme content at any time from anywhere in the world: submit work, gain feedback and interact with your fellow participants, no matter how far apart you may be. Download podcasts, ebooks, webinars, forums, articles and audiobooks to acquire the knowledge you need in the format that best suits your learning style.

The virtual nature of this programme enables you to access it from anywhere in the world, at any time, and without the cost, environmental impact or inconvenience of travelling. It also means that your organisation does not suffer the cost of your absence while you study for extended periods of time. Take a look at the Learning Zone now: https://www.ashridge.org.uk/qualifications/masters-in-management/programme-detail/learning-zone/


The Ashridge Masters in Management is a very flexible programme enabling you to study anywhere at any time. You can defer modules to accommodate unexpected events at home or work.

The modules (People, Processes and Perspectives) can be completed in the order you wish at each stage meaning you can prioritise learning based on your needs.


The different organisation-based assignments and the Masters-level project ensure you apply new thinking to real pressures or opportunities (often predetermined by your sponsoring organisation) and enable you to offer valuable, practical advice across your organisation. This is executive education with an enabling, practical focus, designed with organisational success in mind.
There are no examinations. Instead, the programme is assessed by assignments and a project, which are all work-based. These work-based assignments allow you to immediately apply your learning to make a measurable impact at work and help you gain a deeper understanding of your organisation.

Benefits for participants

‌•Gain a thorough understanding of leadership and management
‌•Sharpen your skills as a leader, communicator and strategic thinker
‌•Gain a global perspective on current business issues and challenges
‌•Apply your learning immediately in your job
‌•Balance study, work and home life with this 100% online qualification
‌•Customise study to suit your personal development and business needs. decide when and how you study, which assessments to choose and the resources you use.
‌•Assignment-only assessments mean direct relevance to your job
‌•Network with fellow students online from a wide range of organisations all over the world

Benefits for your organisation

‌•The programme is run by the triple accredited, top ranked Ashridge Executive Education.
‌•It is designed to make a measurable and positive impact to your team and area of work immediately thanks to the practical assignments.
‌•Your organisation will benefit from ten business projects as you become an informed and committed ‘internal consultant’, which will help improve processes, save money, increase efficiency or highlight and combat weaknesses
‌•New ideas and best-practice solutions from participants in other countries and sectors can be shared with your organisation
‌•Studying online reduces the cost and time spent on travel.

The curriculum in more detail

Innovative method for graduate degree study
Ashridge’s Masters in Management allows you to balance work with graduate degree studies in a completely flexible way. Since the curriculum resides online, you have complete control over when and how you study, which assessment you choose, what resources you use, and what work-based research you undertake.

Practical assignments linked to your work
There are no exams. Instead, you are assessed by work-based assignments and a final project. The assignments allow you to immediately apply your learning and make a measurable impact to your daily work, providing a tangible and immediate benefit to your employer.

Final consulting project
The programme culminates in a project. The subject could be an area of particular interest to you, a business need, or both. It will help to develop your knowledge and skills in a range of business functions and apply these in a practical setting.

More information on the course content can be found here: https://www.ashridge.org.uk/qualifications/masters-in-management/programme-detail/

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Rigorous. Relevant. Real. Reflective. If you are interested in becoming a fully accredited, professional executive coach, equipped with the latest knowledge in the field, this is the programme for you. Read more
Rigorous. Relevant. Real. Reflective.

If you are interested in becoming a fully accredited, professional executive coach, equipped with the latest knowledge in the field, this is the programme for you.

The Masters in Executive Coaching is a two-year, part-time, modular, self-directed programme. It is an opportunity to review and re-launch your practice, make the best of your natural skills, learn about yourself as a coach through supervision and co-coaching, and meet some of the most experienced practitioners in the field.

To download brochure click here


You will develop your coaching and mentoring skills, either to integrate into your existing consultancy and coaching work or to create a solid foundation for a new coaching and consulting practice. The programme takes a relational psychological perspective, which will deepen your clients’ self-awareness and their understanding of the web of key relationships in their organisation. The aim is to develop your ability to respond to, initiate and enable change through the coaching process.

What will you learn?

During the programme you will:
‌•Be introduced to the the latest models and perspectives
‌•Learn about the relational approach to coaching
‌•Develop and broaden your coaching and mentoring skills
‌•Develop greater self-awareness enabling you to use your experience whilst coaching others
‌•Benchmark your approaches as a coach
‌•Understand and be informed by theoretical frameworks that support effective coaching
‌•Practise both familiar and new coaching skills and interventions
‌•Acquire a personal vision of the your own coaching work
‌•Become part of a diverse and experienced community of coaches.

How you will learn?

The programme reflects Ashridge’s philosophy about the nature of change and learning. You will be learning in an environment of reflection and experimentation, rather than simply relying on didactic input. The learning experience draws on the principles of adult learning and development and is well-grounded in research.
It is delivered through short teaching inputs on coaching theories and models, combined with small and large group discussions. Each module also includes ‘co-coaching’ with fellow participants as well as live supervision. In the second year, the programme delivery becomes a collective and deeper inquiry into the main elements of coaching: the coach, the client, the relationship and the organisation.

Expert faculty, research and peer learning

The approaches to executive coaching taught in this Master’s degree are inspired by our own expert faculty publications in the field and by the ongoing research that takes place within the Ashridge Centre for Coaching.
The teaching style of this fully-accredited coaching qualification is informal – we work in a large circle of chairs without tables and use the group process and dynamics to illustrate our points. This is not just a skills development programme – we make the theoretical content easy to digest, by inviting you to critically reflect on theory and practice. We focus on helping you turn knowledge into practice.

About Relational Coaching

The Ashridge approach to coaching involves paying attention to what goes on between the client and coach, and making the relationship explicit. Often this exploration casts new light on the client’s relationship with their organisation.

Relational coaching means understanding that the relationship between coach and client is at the heart of effective coaching and is an essential vehicle for learning and change. A key understanding that informs all our coaching contracts is that each relationship is specific to a particular organisational context.

The client’s agenda will be defined by their organisational context, and so will your relationship with that client, albeit at a more indirect and subtle level.

Clients will inevitably bring their own individual patterns of relating into the coaching arena, replaying their core beliefs and attitudes about themselves and their abilities. The coaching relationship therefore becomes a forum for understanding stale patterns and for experimenting with new ways of being in a relationship.

The theoretical approach is integrative, drawing on a range of sound psychological theories and principles from the fields of coaching, psychological therapies and organisation development. Ashridge coaches work on a relational basis with their clients and are likely to explore on a number of levels. These levels are primarily:

‌•The assumptions clients have about the organisation within which they operate
‌•The relationships that they have with the people within the organisation
‌•What the client personally brings to these relationships.
‌•The relationship between coach and the person being coached is entered into and agreed in an explicit way from the outset. We draw up an initial contract that specifies the boundaries and articulates the intentions and goals for the relationship. However, relationships are dynamic and the contract needs to reflect this. Ashridge believes that change takes place through the process of relating, and this is the whole point of a responsive coaching contract. Therefore, what seemed figural and important at the first meeting may shift to a new way of seeing the situation by the third or fourth meeting.
‌•We see this process of change emerging in relationships as a crucial way of understanding not only what goes on in an effective coaching relationship, but also how change takes place in organisations.

“The Masters programme opened a new door of ongoing learning for me. I have applied and continue to use many of the ideas in my work. It has helped me to define what I do and to make a step change in the level and seniority of clients that I coach.

If you are prepared to challenge yourself academically, be robustly honest with yourself about your coaching practice and enjoy learning interactively, AMEC will be an unforgettable and very rewarding experience.”
Jude Elliman, Director, Listening Partnership Ltd

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Do you seek to make a unique contribution to our understanding of organisations and communities, and of the dynamics of stability and change? Are you an experienced and reflective practitioner interested in developing yourself and your practice, through the discipline of 'Action Inquiry'?. Read more
Do you seek to make a unique contribution to our understanding of organisations and communities, and of the dynamics of stability and change? Are you an experienced and reflective practitioner interested in developing yourself and your practice, through the discipline of 'Action Inquiry'?

Are you interested in doing your research in close collaboration with the support of a community of like-minded practitioners?

If yes, then the Ashridge Doctorate in Organisational Change will be of interest to you.

Through a rigorous process of inquiry, this qualification will develop your practice to a deeper level. As organisations face the need to respond to ever more diverse and challenging issues, practitioners must develop new ways of working with complex and uncertain situations in pursuit of purposes and outcomes that matter to them.

To download brochure click here


Programme content

The programme takes a philosophical approach, rather than offering the standard toolkit. It challenges you to explore your implicit and explicit assumptions and the implications of those assumptions for your practice.

Programme content is immediately applicable back to your workplace and you are encouraged to share your personal experiences with fellow participants so that everyone learns from each other. You will develop the discipline and skill of reflective writing through practical assignments. The dissertation is an opportunity for an extended practical inquiry with the support of your tutor and peers (in the supervision group).

This programme will help you:

Practice in your chosen field with a level of mastery appreciated by peers and clients
Critically evaluate and enhance your professional knowledge
Understand and convey ways in which knowledge is constructed in the social phenomenon of organisations and in the practice of consulting and how such knowledge is used to influence learning and organisational transformation
Appreciate and demonstrate the ethical aspects of influencing in organisational settings as they apply to the individuals engaged, the organisation involved and the wider contextual socio-ecological systems.

The Ashridge Doctorate in Organisational Change:

The doctoral programme duration is up to five years. The programme includes the first modules of our acclaimed Masters in Organisational Change and then continues beyond this in the later stages to a doctoral level.

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