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Money Matters: How Some Students Manage Their Finances

Worried about money management? Some postgraduate students share how they managed their finances.

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Changes to the 2024 UK Postgraduate Loans

The Scottish and Welsh PG loans are changing in 2024-25. This blog covers everything you need to know.

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Can You Get a HECS-HELP Loan for a Masters in Australia?

HELP loans are available for Australian students to help with study costs. We look at some conditions you need to meet to be eligible for the HECS loans and also some alternatives you have.

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New AI Funding in the UK: What’s on Offer for Postgraduate Students

The UK Government has announced £118 million worth of funding for AI-based courses and research. Here's everything that's on offer for postgraduate students.

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What are Some Popular Government Scholarships In The World’s Top Study Destinations?

There are usually plenty of funding opportunities at popular study abroad destinations. We've looked at some provided by the governments of top five most popular study countries to international students.

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Guide to LGBTQ+ Postgraduate Scholarships Around the World

Did you know multiple countries have postgraduate scholarship opportunities specifically for LGBTQ+ people? We've taken a look at what support you may be eligible for.

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How to Fund your Online Masters Degree

What will an online Masters actually cost you? We've looked at what you need to pay for (and don't!) and how you can fund it.

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What Does the Recent Student Loan Interest Cap Mean for You?

We’ve taken a closer look at what the announcement about student loan interests being capped at 6.3% in autumn means for postgrads.

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My Top Tips to Help Fund Your Masters Study

Everyone's postgraduate funding journey is slightly different, but you can still learn a lot from how other students have gone about theirs. Rosie, our Student Ambassador, shares her tips.

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Masters Study in 2021 – What Do You Need to Know?

No one knows exactly what to expect from 2021, but there are some good things on the horizon for Masters study. Here's what you need to know if you're considering a postgraduate degree this year.

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