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In the Midst of a Masters – Reflecting on my First Term as a Postgraduate

What's postgraduate study actually like? What can you expect from the first part of your degree - and after? Jennie Hockey reflects on the first semester of her course.

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5 Things You’ll Realise During a Masters

Postgraduate study is a learning process - no pun intended - but it's not just your academic awareness that will increase during your Masters. We've looked at some of the other things you could learn along the way.

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Managing Postgraduate study with a Chronic Illness, Disability, or Learning Difficulty

Completing a postgraduate degree whilst managing a disability, illness or learning difficulty may seem tough, but it's far from impossible. In this post Chantelle offers some tips from her own experience.

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Starting a Masters – What to Expect?

Getting ready to begin a Masters (or thinking about one) and not sure what to expect? Our Content Editor looks back to the start of his postgraduate study and considers how correct his assumptions were.

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5 Things I Learned During my Masters Dissertation

Getting ready to begin your Masters dissertation over the summer? Or considering a Masters next year and wondering what that final research project is like? Our Content Editor, Mark, looks back through the mists of time to his dissertation – and reflects on a few of the things he learned.

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