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Student Profile Photo for Joanne Cranswick

The accreditation is a recognition of the quality of teaching... Each course lends itself to a slightly different style and that is very useful because in your working life you will encounter different styles and you will need to be able to adjust to manage those.

Student Profile Photo for Karen Abdelmaseih

I cannot stress enough how useful I found this course to be. The lecturers were extremely knowledgeable, helpful and supportive throughout. I can honestly say that I have developed a truly global perspective on business as a result of undertaking this course.

Student Profile Photo for Katie Newberger

The program strives in every way to bridge the gap between taught theory and real-life practice. The class is interested in many different industries, and equips us for our next career steps, learning to think critically and creatively in any project situation instead of just applying a formula. It is obvious that all of the tutors and the ABS team are committed to see students succeed.

Student Profile Photo for Lois Armour

I have been really impressed with the encouragement, enthusiasm and support received by all lecturers at all stages of the course. Each module and assignment has covered relevant issues in today’s business environment which makes the course really relatable and applicable to the real world.

Student Profile Photo for Michele Binnie

I've had two promotions since undertaking it, my career has skyrocketed!