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Struggled to get through Bachelor's, should I even consider a Master's

User: Rishi98 - 15 August 2021 15:43

Hi there , I pursued my bachelor's in the field of Electronics and got through it with a good bit of difficulty. I am not your grade A student and all...just a normal average guy. I struggled to get through the concepts and only after a lot of efforts,I barely managed to get my bachelor's. But after considering a variety of things it was in my best interest that I have to go for a master's. What I want to know is how much more difficult it will be for a student who struggled to get through Bachelor's to go through master's because I have heard master's is more of a self-study when compared to bachelor's. I am very much willing to work very hard for it, but what I want is a strategy for me to cope up with my master's, like there may be concepts from my bachelor's which I haven't understood that I have to apply here, I may not understand the lectures,etc. In times like this what is it I must do. If anyone knows anything at all on how to solve this problem of mine or even if it's a hint, please do reply. My master's is also in the field of Electronics. Thanks.

User: waitinggame - 16 August 2021 21:37

I got a third class degree and got a distinction in my masters ... if you are willing to work hard nothing is impossible. My career prospects definitely improved after.
And I’m starting a phd this year. Education is everything and if you want to give it a go, why not.
Twenty years ago when I did my first degree there was much less support for struggling students. Today there are options. Check out your university’s library and academic skills department for extra support in improving your approach, for instance. Or ask the academic liaison librarians for help with referencing and research.
I think you should go for it!

User: rewt - 18 August 2021 14:37

If you want to do a masters do a masters. I wouldn't overthink it too much because you are just opening yourself to self-doubt. It is only a year and you don't lose much by trying. Your masters course is independent of your bachelors and as waitinggame says you can improve at the higher levels. It will take a lot of work and commitment but you will get out what you put in.

Also, I would add that depending on the masters course, a lot of the credits are based on your dissertation/project work. Which, you usually have some flexibility with to avoid topics you are less confident with. So if you think you can excel there you can compensate for low grades elsewhere.