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Nerves prior to MSc application decision

User: K_MT - 28 July 2021 13:26

Bit of a long story to follow, but I'm really struggling here with my nerves:

Passed my undergraduate degree in astrophysics in 2018, graduating with a 2:1 from Keele University in the UK. Took a master's course in biomedical engineering because I was interested in medical imaging but that didn't quite go as planned - still passed the course with distinction (including 78% in my final project.) Spent my time between 2019 and 2021 in teacher training and obtained my PGCE this year from UCL.

Teaching physics made me realise I'd made a mistake trying to leave the subject for medical related engineering and put together an application for a PhD in astrophysics at UCL. That was rejected, so I decided to apply for an MSc instead to see if I could get myself up to the level required for PhD study. My second application ended up going to the wire as one of my referees had to pull out on me so had to find a replacement fast (thankfully my HoD stepped in at the last minute.)

Hoping to study part time and also continue teaching part time over the duration of the course - but I'm currently two days off hitting the 8 week mark since my application was submitted and now I'm getting a bit stressed waiting so figured I'd come to a place where I suspect other people are in similar (or at least distantly related) boats - I'm not usually this nervous but for some reason I'm pretty wired right now. Not really sure if need help, info or just somewhere to vent, but I figured sharing might help me in some way :S