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Cultural Psychology at LSE vs. Queen Mary

User: partimeyankpsychstudent - 01 July 2021 15:33

I was going to do a one-year MSc at LSE called Social and Cultural Psychology but just saw a MSC at Queen Mary in London called Cultural Psychology and Psychiatry...the latter seems more on-target for me but is Queen Mary a respected institution in the U.K.? (I may be returning to the United States, but perhaps not, as of today [July 1, 2021] the U.K. automatically gives two-year visas for people completing a master's in the U.K., without a confirmed job offer).

(I had been thinking of Psychology, Culture and Evolution at Brunel but a British person told me I would be much better going to LSE).

User: partimeyankpsychstudent - 20 August 2021 21:01

Ok an update, I think now I'm looking more at Brunel vs. QM...I'm interested in the Evolution aspect to Brunel's there anyone with any familiarity with either one? I'd potentially be interested in doing both if there were some way of skipping the duplicate parts (statistics, methodologies, etc.) (I don't care if I only get one MSc out of it). Thanks