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From Bachelor's in Engineering to Master's in Psychology? (MA/MSc)

User: aspiringpsychologist - 24 June 2021 16:05

Hi guys!
I have a bachelor's degree in engineering. But throughout my engg, I developed a passion for psychology. I have worked in the field (volunteer and internship), I develop content related to general psychology and self help. I am telling you this just to let you know that I really want to pursue psychology and I desperately need your help.
Firstly, I have average GPA, I scored 313+ on GRE, will be studying for GRE Psychology Subject test and TOEFL. These won't be an issue.
But here's the thing, to do Masters in psychology, most of the universities and courses require me to have bachelor's degree in psychology. Or at best few courses in psychology.
I have done a lot of research. I know that MSc in psychology, mainly course related to Clinical Psychology are out of options.
I want to purse Counselling Psychology/ Psychotherapy or can go for Forensic Psychology. I know that best option would be to apply for MA in these courses. But I cant seem to find a suitable university that would accept with my qualification. I will be applying for Fall22. I don't wanna spend more on additional courses before applying (I thought GRE Psychology is supposed to bypass this criteria issue). If you have any idea, on how I can pursue, please let me know.

I am looking for universities in US, UK and Canada. At this point, I won't mind the countries like Germany or any European country. I am from India. I'd be looking for placement/further advance degree in the same field. If you have any idea, suggestions, resources to help me out, I'd be grateful.

PS: I am new to this forum so Idk how this works. But thankyou in advance.

User: rewt - 25 June 2021 10:32

Hi aspiringpsychologist,

Give the universities admissions teams a call or email and ask them directly. The admissions teams are usually very helpful and can give you definitive answers about what you are eligible for or what you require. Volunteer and internship experience will probably count towards something but every course has different starting expectations that can easily be found out via communication.


User: MusCog - 26 June 2021 20:26

In the UK, several universities offer conversion masters in psychology. Google "MSc psychology conversion masters UK" or something similar, and you'll get plenty of hits. You'll need to read some books and papers and whatnot before applying, but it shouldn't be too tough to get a place.