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Difference between NTU MSCSI and NUS Chemical Engineering

User: zachary1994 - 12 April 2021 07:39

Hello all, i come across the 2 interesting master degrees, one is the Master of Science in Chemical Sciences & Instrumentation (MSCSI) in NTU and the other is Master of Science in Chemical Engineering (Coursework). They both doing work in terms of chemically related but i do not get the difference other than that. Can someone help me??

User: rewt - 12 April 2021 10:18

Chemical sciences and chemical engineering are completely different subjects.
Chemical engineering is about fluid flow, heat transfer, reaction kinetics and optimization of chemical processes (among much more). It is very math heavy and the chemistry is usually well-defined to the point that you barely need to know any chemistry.
I am assuming chemical sciences is a lot more chemistry focused with probably more lab work. It is probably more akin to a Chemistry degree were understanding the reaction principle and developing reaction pathways than optimization.

User: zachary1994 - 13 April 2021 14:11

Thanks for the reply,
I graduated with a diploma in chemical/environmental engineering and took a degree in math (as the reason is i like to calculate), hmm i neither hate both the math and chem subjects since i got dived into it though....