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Need help selecting University

User: AndrewSpecter - 31 March 2021 08:29

Hello guys. First time here. I'm a mechanical engineering student from India. I though want to do my masters in artificial intelligence/machine learning. I have learnt about it online, so I'm aware of what I'm gonna learn. I have an average CGPA of 8.3 but from one of the top 10 colleges in India. With a CGPA of 8.3 and coming from a different field, I understand it must be difficult to be selected by a good university. I hope you guys can help me here. I am eyeing a few universities (KCL, UCL, ICL, UoS, UoN, UoB, Queen Mary). I really really want to get into ICL because the MSc Artificial Intelligence program they offer is specifically for non-CSE students. But with my CGPA, I'm not sure if I could get into. So, what do you guys think? Do I have a chance or should I target less prestigious colleges?

User: AndrewSpecter - 31 March 2021 08:31

Sure. I believe I get answers by the end of this.

User: rewt - 31 March 2021 17:57

I don't know anything about AI/ML applications or what they are looking for.
However, if you are in doubt you can ask the university directly. I know ICL is generally competitive but you might be best applying for a range of courses to make sure you get at least one offer. Also, have you considered the fees for each university as they can vary significantly for international students.

User: AndrewSpecter - 03 April 2021 11:07

I have. They immediately replied asking about my undergraduate university. Haven't got a reply after that. Even if they reply, I'm sure they would only say whether I'm eligible to apply. I want to know if I could get in. As for the fees, I'm really not looking into it right now. I know ICL is expensive but that's a question if I get in. Right?

User: eng77 - 04 April 2021 11:33

Hi. I do not agree with the way you look at it. Targeting a fancy university does not look right to me. Most UK universities are prestigious and have good reputation. Graduating from Imperial college or UCL is nice but not necessarily the only path for a postgraduate career in the field. Most important is you get accepted in a good university (not necessary the best). Also how will you perform is ways more important. Getting 2:1 (merit) or 1:1 (Distinction) in Master would make you look good in job market. With lower grades, you might have to explain and tell a story.
Your academic background does not play an important role. In AI/ML most student come from another background because the area is attractive and here is a potential job market.

User: AndrewSpecter - 04 April 2021 13:05

I get what you're saying. A low grade in a good uni will do me no good. Not will the huge loan. But the programme offered by ICL is one of my favourites. Among UK universities, the only other I like as good as ICL's are Queen Mary and UCL's. UCL is not gonna be easy either. Also, the one in ICL is a conversion course. That's another reason I want to get into ICL... So yeah. Although I shouldn't risk huge loans, I also can't risk enrolling myself in programmes I only like half-hearted

User: eng77 - 04 April 2021 16:16

Quote From AndrewSpecter:
. So yeah. Although I shouldn't risk huge loans, I also can't risk enrolling myself in programmes I only like half-hearted
Having a huge loan to pay will kill all joy, motivation and excitement.