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MSc Comp-Sci at St Andrew's vs Leeds vs Nottingham vs QMUL

User: Nawaz_101 - 19 February 2021 04:49

Hey.. I'm an overseas applicant and I was offered places at St A , Nottingham, Leeds , Southampton, QMUL ... was hoping if I can get a little but of insight on how the computer science department is at the above unis...

Also, awaiting results from KCL , Edinburgh and Manchester...

User: abababa - 20 February 2021 02:12

Completely subjective reply:

> St. A. Bit posh/Harry Potter. Northern/Scottish Oxbridge rejects. Arguably most prestigious choice as a result.
> Nottingham. Probably the middle-ground in terms of academic normal. Therefore potentially boring.
> Leeds. Down to earth and Northern. Probably the least prestigious but most fun. But Leeds is pretty grim as a city (but much improving).
> Southampton. Southern. Some instances of knotted cardigans around necks, though otherwise generally normal.
> QMU. The UoL part nobody has ever heard of. London is awesome, and good UoL prestige. Check campus though as possibility it will be in dirtland 50 miles out.

User: BugsBunny - 20 February 2021 23:34

Southern. Some instances of knotted cardigans around necks, though otherwise generally normal.

haha funny characterisation.

User: rewt - 21 February 2021 11:19

Quote From BugsBunny:
haha funny characterisation.

It is totally true.

On topic. You will generally find that the more southernly universities have higher living expenses than northern cities. If moe is an issue I would consider more northern unis such as Leeds and Nottingham. I am also not disrespecting St. Andrews as a university but it is effectively a village in the middle of no-where. If you want a city life avoid St. Andrews but it is very picturesque and relaxing if you like fields.