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I'm struggling trying to find the right MSc and deadlines are getting dangerously close... Help?

User: ig22 - 05 December 2020 03:40

Hello everyone,

I have a BSc in biochemistry and am looking for a MSc program in europe. I got a job in neuroscience research for a public institution right after graduation and it was then when I decided I wanted to go to industry rather than academia.

I have several interests which are perhaps not 100% related to my bachelor's. Some of these are:
Engineering (programming, AI, ML, nanotech, robotics)
Design (creating things for practical use, creative process)
Pharma (Drug pathways/delivery)
Finance (project management)
Biochem (neuro, lab work, cancer, ageing)

I know it is impossible to combine all my interests together and find the perfect occupation for me, but I'm looking for a career that has at least a couple of these elements and has a great salary. Some of the things I have been looking at are unemployment rates, projected field growth, avg salary, chances of progressing (promotions), cool recent/ongoing discoveries in the field, etc.

Some of the MSc I have been considering so far are:Biomedical EngineeringMaterials ScienceDrug DiscoveryPharmacological ResearchBiomedicineBiotechnology

I would truly appreciate receiving your opinions regarding which fields are the best for me, as well as suggestions on specific MSc programs that would encompass my interests and preferences.

Thank you very much!

User: rewt - 07 December 2020 13:04

I can't help you much with exact courses but I would consider what sort job you see yourself doing. Your career interests vary between entirely desk based and entirely wet lab based, which is a significant range. Whatever course you choose in may push you towards a more desk or lab environment depending on the modules, and I think you should be mindful of that. Personally, there are several areas that I am very interested in but I know that I do not want my career to be entirely desk based.