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Can i apply for double master again after master degree in UK?

User: rewt - 18 November 2020 22:42

You can but is uncommon. I wouldn't recommended you to do 2 Masters degrees in the same field without a very good reason, as it would be a bit redundant. Also funding options are very limited for doing two master's degrees so you will probably have to self fund.

User: Fatima786 - 18 November 2020 12:26

Hi, recently i am doing two years masters in which first year was practical, theory classes and second year is my placement year. Right now i am in my placement year and also working on draft work for dissertation which will complete next year before june. i want to know can i apply again two years master in UK after my recent master degree? and do i have to choose the similar course for another master that matches to my bachelor subjects / degree title ? for example related to computer ?? i studied bachelor and recent master in computing . but they have different subjects in it. please guide