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Eligibility for masters application

User: Dinesh25 - 17 June 2020 14:32

Hi All,

I have done my bachelors degree in computer engineering program with a CGPA of 7.19 that is equivalent to 2.4 (good score) on a German 4.0 scale system. Could anyone help me if I would be eligible to apply for master' s in computer science program for universities in Germany (Technical University of Munich or Berlin specifically). FYI, I wish to apply for the universities for the next Summer intern program.

Thanks in advance.

User: sunra - 18 June 2020 09:54

with your grade you should definitely apply to a few universities, I think you will be ok. However you are towards the lower end of "good" (I'm not judging, I was the same). As you probably know, the numerus clausus process means that there is generally no qualifying grade required but places are limited. The average entrance mark for Masters is often quoted as being 2.5, whether this is true I don't know. But with a 2.4 I don't see why you shouldn't apply, although for the more popular universities you may have to sit a suitability test.

I can't say anything about TUM or Berlin, except that there will be more applicants than places obviously. My advice would be to absolutely apply, but also find some alternative universities to apply to as well.

User: Dinesh25 - 19 June 2020 07:39

Thank you for the response. I will surely give it a try.