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Advice to move to the field of psychology

User: Akkiya - 31 May 2020 06:51

Would someone be able to provide some advice? I am an engineer by degree but have been working with the UNHCR for several years now. I have been in divisions that mostly require me to assist and counsel young people who are going through trauma.I would like to now move into the field. how should i go about doing this? what courses must I do? I live in the United Arab Emirates and they don't really have any accredited psychology courses. Hence, I would mostly have to do it online. would a course then be enough to get me a foot through the door to practice?

User: rewt - 03 June 2020 21:07

Quote From Akkiya:
would a course then be enough to get me a foot through the door to practice?

I am lost, are you referring to psychiatry? Because that is an entirely different field and each country will have their own regulations and guidelines that you can refer to.

User: Tudor_Queen - 04 June 2020 15:28

Clinical Psychology training would be relevant. I know you can do an undergrad or masters in psychology with a clinical psychology element. Then people go on to do the the Clinical Psychology Doctoral programme - it's very hard to get on due to the competition. Not sure of equivalents in other countries. Maybe your supervisor at the UNHCR could advise you?

User: Akkiya - 06 June 2020 03:38

I was referring to developmental Psychology.

User: Tudor_Queen - 06 June 2020 15:01

Developmental psychology is not so much focused on trauma and psychological interventions. That would come under clinical psychology.

If there are no accredited courses in the UAE then do you need a qualification to get your foot in the door? Or do you mean for practising in another country?