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Can work experience and high GMAT overcome my sub par GPA?

User: Dolna - 22 September 2017 08:49

I graduated from University of Calcutta ( India) with a very low GPA in my major ( 54%) and a grand third class 48% in Gen eds. overall. Quite horrible really.

Though, its impossible to believe, I actually worked hard. ( Though not smartly, as you can see from my pitiful grades) . Moreover my uni actually is (in) famous for grade deflation. Virtually no one gets a first class ever, and the batch topper had a low 2:1 ( 63%).

A strong 2:2 overall and in my major would have been ideal, but as you can see, I failed miserably. Uni was really a horrible experience for me - and a great blow to my self esteem, as I forsook partying, socializing and studied ( though not effectively it seems) only to end up with below average grades for the majority of my undergrad. However I also would like to add, that I suffered from a learning disability ( unfortunately undiagnosed at that point of time).

I more than made it up at Masters though ( 70%). I am now employed as a diplomat in the Indian Civil service for about 6 years today. I have completed the CFA and the FRM. ( passed the stages) and moreover I have started a not for profit app for college students who struggle with their studies and have learning disabilities. It helps them transition into Uni level studies. I don't want any hard working students to go through my ordeal.

Obviously top MBA schools are virtually off limits for me. But any decent MBA at UK/US I can still try and get into? Or is it impossible with my stats? I know that US schools will regard my transcript as someone who has barely passed college.

Even though I have progressed far in my life today, my UG really haunts me. Given that I graduated in Social Sciences, I am Asian with a pathetic UGPA, is aiming B School realistic? I want to transition into entrepreneurship and for that I need a quality MBA. But my sub par GPA makes me a auto reject everywhere.

User: TreeofLife - 22 September 2017 12:31

If you're paying for it, I'm sure you will be accepted into UK MBAs. You already have a masters, which will help mitigate your lower undergraduate score.

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